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We've got new MOMENT stores. Meet: MOMENT Paseo. Five new storefronts in downtown San José.
We've got new MOMENT stores. Meet: MOMENT Paseo. Five new storefronts in downtown San José.

Rosemary & Peppermint Specialty Artisan Soap


Rosemary & Peppermint Specialty Artisan Soap



Spirulina infused olive oil was calling me as a colorant experiment, so I did a nice big batch and here's the result! I had the tiniest bit of rosemary cold infused olive oil that I polished off in this batch. An added touch of green sea clay and my usual beloved Luxury Moisture recipe lead me to a scent combination I never should have stopped making in the first place - rosemary and mint.

In previous batches, I colored the soaps with a two tone blue mica design, because the blend is cooling in my opinion, and chose spearmint instead of peppermint. This time, I went with peppermint and oh my does that let the rosemary sing! The rosemary is no means overbearing, but in comparison to being paired with spearmint, the overall blend feels more balanced and the sweet notes of the rosemary are more pronounced, with a gentle herby-sharpness signature to mints.


Fragrance Notes: Peppermint, Sweet Rosemary

Luxury Ingredients: Avocado OilCastor OilCertified Organic Coconut OilEthically Harvested SilkRice Bran OilSweet Almond Oil, Essential Oils, Green Sea Clay, Spirulina Infused Olive Oil, Rosemary Infused Olive Oil

This Artisan Soap uses the signature All The Way Handmade Luxury Moisture soap recipe chock full of moisturizing and nourishing oils. As always, every bar of our handmade soaps receives individual attention from design to creation to packaging. We hope you can feel the difference, and of course the love we put in.

To help your soaps last longer, keep them in a dry and ventilated area between uses. This isn't a general warning - it really does help!

All soaps from All The Way Handmade are small batch produced and made with saponified oils, fragrance oils, essential oils, skin safe micas, skin safe pigments, and other luxury ingredients. This means it uses all natural ingredients and the traditional way of making soap from scratch. 

Approximate 4.2oz weight. Shipping is determined by weight and is calculated at check out.


For any further questions, please send us an email using our Contact Us page or contact