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We've got new MOMENT stores. Meet: MOMENT Paseo. Five new storefronts in downtown San José.
We've got new MOMENT stores. Meet: MOMENT Paseo. Five new storefronts in downtown San José.


Hello! We are San José Made!

Founded in 2011, San José Made has the singular mission of helping creative small businesses grow their business and brand in San José and the surrounding San Francisco Bay Area. From there, we’ve designed our strategy to be multifaceted, flexible, empathetic and accommodating.

We do large scale events. We do pop-up retail. We have our own dynamically programmed micro-retail storefronts and we're looking to grow the micro-retail movement for small businesses throughout the Bay Area. We do small curated markets. We create social media campaigns celebrating small businesses. We organize maker meet-ups. We help community creatives create for their community. And now we have our own online shop and retail storefront! 

In other words, we are continually thinking of creative ways to support creative small businesses!

Our four pillars are:

Creative Retail: We create dynamic and unique shopping experiences powered by the urgency and immediacy of today’s culture.

Maker Culture: We work and support creative small businesses who bring wonder, craft, ambition and value to their community and culture.

#shopsmall: We are one of the leaders in the Bay Area in ever-growing creative small business movement that has captivated cities across the country and around the world, and in doing so, have built a network of over 1,500 creative small businesses, mostly focused in the Bay Area.

I HEART SAN JOSÉWe live in San José and we love San José. We believe in the San José community and we hope everything we do here helps the community be and grow in ways that reflect its values, its energy and its ambitions for itself.

In 2017, San José Made was acquired by Moveable Feast, a San José based food truck services and food festival production company. Since then Moveable Feast has become Moveable, a full-stack food & beverage services, events, experiences & marketing company featuring a diverse portfolio of consulting services and self-produced projects.


(1) Angie Chua of bobo design studio
(2) Sofia Arredondo of Sea Senorita Studios
(3) Addi McClure of A Miyako M
(4) Alyssarhaye Graciano of BlackSheepMade
(5) Francesca Mateo of Empire in the Air