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View our upcoming event: Reclamation (6/24-6/25)

Pen Pal Stamp Sticker Sheet


When I was a kid, I thought the mark of an old person was when they started to leave their dentures in a cup on the sink in the bathroom overnight, and when you got into collecting stamps. Well, here I am... just two early-bird dinners away from collecting stamps.

Naturally, I made a sticker sheet to commemorate that old fashioned way of communicating with those who are further than an arms length away. Great for your writing partner, pen pals, and to send with birthday cards.

Want a whole letter writing kit with these stickers included? Check out:

Stickers are printed on waterproof and UV-resistant vinyl so it's safe for your water bottle or any spot that gets a lot of that gorgeous sunshine.
Dimensions: 4x6 - R011