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We've got new MOMENT stores. Meet: MOMENT Paseo. Five new storefronts in downtown San José.
We've got new MOMENT stores. Meet: MOMENT Paseo. Five new storefronts in downtown San José.

Peace offering - olive branches and a card with the inscription of your choice. Apology gift, I'm sorry, condolence, sympathy, bereavement


Bundle of approximately 8 freshly harvested olive stems and a lovely card with the dove of peace holding an olive branch. The bundle is tied with a blue satin ribbon as shown. The card can be inscribed with whatever you would like it to say, or left blank.

This makes a thoughtful, unique, and touching gift to express your desire for peace. It’s appropriate for many occasions: bereavement, sympathy, consolation, as an apology or “I’m sorry” - or simply to express your hope for peace on the individual, community, or global levels. This product comes with a short handout on the history of the olive, and its association with peace, health, and reconciliation. Please let me know if you would prefer it to be sent without the handout.

Please note: All olive products may or may not contain small green or black olive fruits and/or flowers, depending on the time of year. If you would especially like them in your order, or especially NOT like them, please let me know and I’ll do what I can!

This item ships out in a 16 inch box and the stems are a variety of lengths to form a bundle as shown in the photographs. I harvest the same day or the day before I ship, and ship in waxed florist tissue paper to conserve moisture.

If you are drafting an apology and looking for the right words, here are some resources I have found helpful:

1. Short article (kind of the “Cliff’s Notes” version) on how to write an apology from The Spruce:

2. Mia Mingus offers a relatively brief but exquisitely contextualized guide to a meaningful apology. Two part blog post, start with part 1: Authors like her are not directly compensated by advertisers as is a publication like The Spruce, so if you find her work helpful, please feel free to donate to her via venmo: miamingus or (I don’t know her, just wanting to be responsible about recommending her work.)

3. If you are in a program of recovery from addiction, please please please go read Rabbi Rami Shapiro’s take on Step 9 in Recovery: The Sacred Art. It is by far the best take on Step 9 I have ever come across.

4. The path apology isn’t always a straightforward one. Often, the other person has hurt us as well - maybe considerably. To get to a more tranquil place as we regard painful relationships in general, I highly recommend Fred Luskin’s book “Forgive for Good.” It’s a quick read, and having read it many times, I still always find something new and valuable in its pages.

I wish peace for you, your loved ones, your relationships, and our local and global communities.

This is a made to order item. Depending on the availability of the maker (Tierramor), this order may take up to five (5) business days to be prepared. If you have any questions about your order, please email .

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