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Make your skin feel fresh and sweet.

Soaked in a blend of balancing and nourishing oils, this organic cane sugar works to gently exfoliate, hydrate and freshen up your skin. Feel the cleanness without the dryness.

Comes in a glass jar with wooden spatula

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More about this item:

I like to stir it a bit before applying to re-blend the oils with the sugar. It helps keep the scrub soft and moist even before it mixes with the water on my face. We included a wooden spatula so you can do the same. Just make sure that the sugar goes on your face...not in your mouth. And tempted you will be!

Just like all of our products, our organic sugar scrub contains premium ingredients. We don’t test our products on our furry friends. And we aim to use packaging that not only helps keep the integrity of what’s inside, but is also better for the planet.

We make every drop and scoop with great care and positive intentions because it’s not just about what we make, but how we make it! Enjoy!

Certified Organic