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Our next big event is San José's Fall Festival 2022 on Oct. 1
Our next big event is San José's Fall Festival 2022 on Oct. 1

The Essential Houseplant Guide


🌱 A minimal and chic Houseplants Care Guide print featuring the most popular indoor plants around the world. If you or your friend is a Plant Mom or Dad living in a Jungle home or just starting out in the plant game: it is the perfect gift!! It is printed on a 12" x 18" high-quality, matte 250 gr creative paper.

🌱 This wall decor features the most popular houseplants with their care instructions (sunlight and water). The following 12 plants are featured on the poster with their common English name, their Latin name, and their need for sunlight and water: Devil's ivy, Fiddle leaf fig tree, Bunny ears cactus, Prayer plant, Aloe vera, Elephant ear, Yellow rubber plant, Sago palm tree, Chinese money plant, Polka dot begonia, Swiss cheese plant, Snake plant

🌱 I created this essential botanical illustration for my Plant-lady friend as a gift:)

🌱 Copyright © Ditti Magyar✨

🌱 Framing tip
This print is UNFRAMED
I suggest using a 12"x18" frame or an 18"x24" frame with the proper opening. A 12" wide magnetic poster hanger is also a good inexpensive choice.

🌱 My goal is to create beautiful wall art and illustrations to cheer people up✨ I believe that adding small beauties to our home and environment really makes a difference. I hope you will enjoy looking at my artwork every day as much as I enjoyed creating them! Thank you for choosing my home decor piece to surround you in your space🙏

💕 I love seeing my artwork at its new home!! Please, share your photo and follow me on IG @brownbudapest, #brownbudapest. Thank you!

Ditti💕 - M031