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Our next event: Friend Fest 2023 on Mar. 4-5, 2023!
Our next event: Friend Fest 2023 on Mar. 4-5, 2023!

2021 Desk Calendar - Animals


🐼 This 2021 Desk or Wall Calendar is a cheerful and elegant addition to your home office! It features the following 12 exotic animals with two colorful patches: macaw, tiger, zebra, toucan, monkey, flamingo, elephant, leopard, rhino, giraffe, panda, sloth

🐼 This is a standard 5"x7" size calendar printed on high-quality matte paper. The calendar comes with a golden display stand shown in the picture with the aloe vera.

🐼 Copyright © Ditti Magyar ✨

🐼 I painted these bohemian illustrations to celebrate the wildlife animals which I am in love with. Also, to keep us reminded to live a sustainable life and protect the animals  🦜

🐼 My goal is to create beautiful wall art and illustrations to cheer people up✨I believe that adding small beauties to our home and environment really makes a difference. I hope you will enjoy looking at my artwork every day as much as I enjoyed creating them! Thank you for choosing my home decor piece to surround you in your space 🙏