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Darumeow Hard Enamel Pin - Cat Daruma Badge Pin

by Neko-Oi
Color: Red (Glitter)

Darumeow Hard Enamel Pin

- Hard Enamel with gold plating
- 1" tall
- Butterfly pin back

Darumas are Japanese traditional dolls that are seen as a symbol of goals and/or good luck.
They usually have blank eyes, so you fill in one eye when you make a wish or goal and fill in the other eye once it has been achieved. These pins already have filled eyes so these little kitties can watch over you and your goals!

Red is the most traditional color due to original lore and is general good luck.
Gold variant specializes in fortune and wealth.
Pink variant specializes in love (romantic).
White variant actually has some variation in meaning based off different sources, but a lot between academic success, relationship, and purity. Most generally goal attainment.
Black acts as a good luck charm and wards away bad luck.

These little Darumeows feature the kanji for "cat" instead of "good luck" :3