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Our next big event: San José Winter Wonder Market 2023 (Dec. 16-17).
Our next big event: San José Winter Wonder Market 2023 (Dec. 16-17).

Bunnies Playing in Donut Holes Earrings | Cute Enamel Cloisonne Earrings | Why do donuts have a hole? | Harumo Sato |


"Why do donuts have a hole?" "It's because bunnies want to play in them!" The donuts flavor is green tea and has strawberry glaze on top!

As for a back, I will give you two pairs of pushback: one is made of metal, the other is made of plastic.

*Material that I use*

This is a cloisonne earring which takes a lot of time to make a jewelry quality. The surface is very smooth and the colors are brilliant and shiny. A glass powder is added to each area of the pin by hand and fired at 1600 degrees Fahrenheit in a kiln. Each cloisonne pin must be polished by hand to make a perfectly smooth surface.

The metal color is gold.

*Due to potential sanitary issues, I cannot accept returns on this product.*

*Earring Size*
1" x 1" ( 2.54 cm x 2.54 cm)

*Additional info*

Shipping Details:
This earring will be securely attached to a card and packaged in a protective cellophane sleeve and bubble wrap, shipped to you in a flat envelope made with a heavy board.

Orders are shipped First Class (2-5 days) or Priority Mail (1-3 days) via USPS.

Please bear in mind that photos on screen might slightly different from the printed image in terms of color due to the screen adjustment.

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