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NEW EVENT APPLICATION: San José Summer Fair 2023 (Aug. 12-13)
NEW EVENT APPLICATION: San José Summer Fair 2023 (Aug. 12-13)

Status Updates

We will be using this page to provide updates on the status of vendor communication (e.g. admission notifications, vendor instructions, marketing materials, vendor application releases). While we will continue to send out individual threads of communication to vendors (allowing us to be able to have a conversation in the lead up to an event, pop-up or project), we will have this page handy to communicate any delays to our communication or delays with our systems so vendors–be it applicants, accepted participants or just interested parties–can feel more in the loop. 

Update as of Apr. 25, 2023 at 11:56 PM

SJMADE Holiday Fair 2023

  • Applicants from early March through Apr. 5 will receive admission notification emails before or by the end of the day Apr. 26. Apologies for the delayed communication. 

SJMADE Fest 2023 

Elegant Easy Revenge - A Spy x Family vs Chainsaw Man Art Show

  • Applicants who submitted their interest in being a part of the Elegant Easy Revenge Art Show will receive correspondence before or by the end of the day Apr. 7. 

Sticker Fest 2023

  • The first batch of Sticker Fest applicants (anyone who has applied before Apr. 6) were sent out before or by Friday, Apr. 7 at midnight. Any new applications will be responded to within six (6) business days of applying.

Gordon Biersch Night Markets 2023


Upcoming Vendor Applications

  • Foster City Summer Days 2023 vendor application are now live:
  • Vendor applications for our big summer event in August 2023 will go live before or by the end of the day May 3. 
  • Fall Festival 2023 vendor applications will go live before or by May 10. We are currently awaiting some details to be confirmed by our event host before we can officially finalize and open the applications. 
  • SJMADE Program will open its applications for 2023-2024 enrollment before or by the end of May.