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NEW POP UP SHOP: Meet Clay & Craft. Our latest pop up at our MOMENT Marketplace store in Mountain View.
NEW POP UP SHOP: Meet Clay & Craft. Our latest pop up at our MOMENT Marketplace store in Mountain View.

Reclamation - Film Festival x Art Market - June 25 to June 26

June 25 and June 26, 2022 at The Tech Interactive

Tickets are available online as well as the door the days of the event. The IMAX Dome Theater has limited capacity so the best way to reserve the time that you want is to buy your ticket ahead of time online. Thanks!


Event Details 

Event Dates & Times


Event Description

How do we sustain creativity and community in the midst of climate chaos? Hosted and in partnership with The Tech Interactive, San José Made's Reclamation event will pair a locally powered short film showcase with an art & craft market focusing on the human spirit and creative voices in our San José community in the midst of climate chaos. 

Happening on June 25 and June 26, 2022, this two-day weekend event will complement The Tech Interactive's new exhibit Solve for Earth. Open on Saturday, June 25 from 10 AM to 5 PM. Open on Sunday, June 26 from 11 AM to 5 PM. 

Reclamation marks the very first time San José based filmmakers will have their work viewed within the IMAX dome–an iconic landmark in our city. 

The art & craft market will feature artists and makers who incorporate sustainability in ways that are prominent in their creations, missions and their processes. In addition to selling their work, these makers and artists will be offering thematically relevant workshops, activities and/or demonstrations at their booths.

And on top of all this, attendees will be able to explore and engage all The Tech Interactive exhibits including its latest Solve for Earth exhibit: 

The Solve for Earth exhibit at The Tech Interactive creates a space where we can discuss as a community how to live sustainably and reduce the impacts of climate change. Solve for Earth looks at the whole picture: where we live, what we eat, how we move and more. We also hope to inspire positive action at a community level.


This is a ticketed admission event. We will only be selling GA + IMAX tickets before the event so please buy your ticket in advance if you'd like to view the Reclamation Film Showcase in IMAX. The time slot is only for the film showcase viewing. You may enter The Tech Interactive at any time during its hours of operation on the day you've purchased the ticket for. General Admission Only tickets will be made available online once the GA + IMAX tickets sell out. General Admission Only tickets will also be made available at the door the days of the event.

Attendance Instructions

There are no physical tickets that need to be picked up or sent to you. Instead:

  • All you need to do to claim your ticket is show up to the event. 
  • There will be a booth at the front entrance. Please make sure to stand in the line for "ticket holders" as opposed to people who still need to purchase tickets. 
  • When you get to the booth at the front entrance, just make sure to have an ID matching the name on your order OR your order confirmation email. Once you verify your order with the staff at the booth, you (and your party if you purchased tickets for multiple people) will be allowed to enter and enjoy Reclamation. 
  • The people at the booth will be able to answer any questions you may have about the art market, exhibits and film showcase so feel free to ask any questions you may have. 

Regarding the film showcase, the film showcase runs for 90 minutes. We ask that you show up to the entrance of the IMAX Dome Theater at least 15 minutes prior to the screening start time. There are no assigned seats so attendees will get to choose their seats first come, first serve. 

Due to some last-minute issues, we will only have three screenings per day as opposed to four screenings per day. Those screenings will be at the following times: 

  • Saturday, June 25 at 11 AM
  • Saturday, June 25 at 1 PM
  • Saturday, June 25 at 3:30 PM
  • Sunday, June 26 at 11 AM
  • Sunday, June 26 at 1 PM
  • Sunday, June 26 at 3:30 PM

If you purchased a ticket for a 12:30 PM or 2 PM screening on either of the days, you can choose whichever time you'd like for your new screening time. You will be given this option when you arrive at the booth at the front entrance. We apologize if this has caused any inconvenience. 

If you purchased a ticket for a 11 AM or 3:30 PM screening on either of the days, please proceed as you planned. Those screenings remain intact.

Pet Policy

  • Per the venue's rules, only service animals are allowed inside the venue. Anyone who brings a non-service-animal animal into the venue will be removed from the venue.

Film Showcase Lineup

Untitled by Fernanda Loreto, Marcielo Martinez Delgado & Sebastian Castillo

  • An artist struggles with fitting in the art scene and has to question what it means to create work. 

DANNY BOY by Ruben Escalante

  • Danny reconnects with their recently deceased father, giving them a chance to express their identity and reconcile their differences. 

Untitled by Patty Do

  • Take a look into the San Jose Fixed Gear community, a cycling group that has been around for 15 years and uses fixed gear bicycles to form community. 

decolonizing as community by Erin Larmore 

  • A garden club from a local high school, becomes a place for the film maker and their colleagues to discuss decolonization, queerness and how gardening facilitates both relationships.

Waiting for Dad by Tracy Nguyen, Produced by Sal Tran

  • A daughter with an aging father discusses what caretaking for him is like with their life insurance broker.

Interview with Artists on Art and Climate by Steven Alvarado

  • Three artists share their experiences and thoughts on the intersection between art, climate, and community.

Memorialize by Brenton Gieser

  • Set in the Tenderloin district in San Francisco, a pastor facilitates a gathering for members of the houseless community to remember a loved one they've lost. 

Fresh Air by Kath Tolentino

  • An elderly woman has to grapple with the decision of moving her husband into a care facility.

Different Spokes for Different Folks by Patty Do

  • Take a look into the San Jose Fixed Gear community, a cycling group that has been around for 15 years and uses fixed gear bicycles to form community.

Seize the Moment by SJ Storyboard

  • Patron reflects on the loss of a creative space in San José.

Plus a short film by Alexander Vaughn & Jordan Flores


Art Market Lineup & Workshops / Demonstrations Info

Kaonti Creations (Jewelry, Art, Home Goods) (@kaonti.creations)

  • My Work: "My work aligns with the theme of Reclamation, as all my products are made out of recycled plastic that has been molded and painted for earring and necklace pendants, pins, flower dishes, and small fairy and bug figurines (who I like to think of as guardians of the environment!) This process helps divert waste from landfills and the environment, as the global recycling system is broken due to the high costs of operating recycling centers and the lower costs of producing virgin plastic. I love educating everyone who comes by my store about the origins of my art pieces and how reduction of plastic use and purchase of products that reuse rather than produce plastic are the best option to mitigate the diversion of plastic into the environment."
  • My Workshop / Demonstration: "I’m having a display with a bunch of commonly recycled waste and then next to it, a display that shows which ones and how much of it would realistically be recycled in order to demonstrate how much of what we use and might think will be reused actually is not. For the pieces that aren’t recycled, I would have a display that shows why they wouldn’t be recycled, where they would likely end up in the environment, and the effects of the bioaccumulation and biomagnification on vulnerable animals."

Render Goods (Home Goods) (@rendergoods)

  • My Work: "Thoughtfully curated highly absorbent functional modern dish towels sustainably made from recycled plastic bottles."
  • My Workshop / Demonstration: "I will have full “science-fair-like” demonstration explaining how recycled bottles can be turned into functional soft fabrics including materials from every stage of the process."

The Source Zero (Home Goods) (@thesourcezero)

  • My Work: "The Source Zero exists to provide a resource for people who are working towards limiting their plastic footprint. We bring together women’s small businesses whose mission is in line with ours and provide a judgment-free education zone on how we can alter one thing at a time to keep our plastic use minimal. Visit the shop for a soap refill bar and other daily essentials that are earth conscious, locally made, and well crafted for longevity. Whether you refill a used bottle at our soap bar or switch over to a bamboo toothbrush, know that every little action counts and adds up to create a positive impact on the planet and community around us."
  • My Workshop / Demonstration: "I will do a demonstration on how to make a very effective tub and shower scrub and another on making bath bombs!"

Acardellart (Art, Clothing) (@acardellart)

  • My Work: "Acardellart is a Queer Taiwanese-American owned small business empowering mindfulness & healing with handcrafted illustrated goods. I believe in utilizing a sustainable practice by upcycling clothing and reusing imperfect materials in my own artistic practice. 80% of the products I use materials deemed “faulty” at industry level. When selecting a means to execute a project, I prioritize reuse materials. Since going to art college, I was shocked at how wasteful design and artmaking was in the industry. Since my senior year of college, I’ve made a conscious effort to reuse and revitalize materials deemed “imperfect” in order to transform it into illustrated artwork."
  • My Workshop / Demonstration: "I will have live screenprinting at my booth; with designs closely aligned with the theme of Reclamation. Despite all the uncertainty and chaos in our current climate, I hope to uplift and empower my community to make a positive change in their lives."

Lipton Cunningham (Clothing) (@liptoncunningham)

  • My Work: "I use vintage, discarded, and thrifted materials and upcycle them in my work whenever possible. I also re-use materials in other aspects of my business, including shopping bags, mailers, packaging, and supply storage."
  • My Workshop / Demonstration: "I will teach people to take an unwanted t-shirt and upcycle it into a shopping bag. No sewing skills are required for this, only a pair of scissors and a t-shirt. This will create scraps, which I can use to create a blanket. It'll be interesting since I'll have no control over what shirts people will bring to the event."

    Magical Girl Bella (Art, Clothing, Jewelry) (@magicalgirlbella)

    • My Work: "Sweaters are partially made with polyester from recycled water bottles /// Stickers are PVC free (PVC is the most damaging type of plastic to the environment. They are commonly used in art prints, stickers, house products etc.) /// Some beads used are from necklaces / bracelets that are second hand or no longer being used. I use them as materials to create new products. /// Reuse crafting materials, like mixing cups and stirring sticks /// When I use resin on products, I use the most eco-friendly I can find through research and in the market. For example, EcoPoxy, which uses natural resins/bio-based epoxies that are socially responsible. /// Molds I use for resin earrings are from other artists, second hand or have defects that would have been wasted /// My most popular pair of earrings are my Honeybee Earrings! I donate a portion to a local non-profit org that helps saves bees."
    • My Workshop / Demonstration: "I will be hosting an activity for attendees to create their own little planter with seeds that bees love. My goal is to promote how we can help the bees and also allow attendees to take action, even a simple step to plant flowers that bees would love. I will provide: Wildflower seeds safe for our zone & loved by bees /// Soil /// Biodegradable planters to house the seeds that attendees get to take home with them."

      Sumsaara (Jewelry, Home Goods) (@sumsaara.designs)

      • My Work: "Our Company Mission: Sumsaara means the never-ending cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth. We try to echo this in our company philosophy by combining functionality and aesthetics while using renewable, sustainable, and recycled products as far as possible. In short, it must be beautiful, functional, and environmentally responsible. Traditionally belts and purses and wallets are made from leather which are not exactly sustainable practices. We have incorporated wood and cork fabric (see below) into these products. Our products not only bring awareness to natural sustainable resources but also encourage the use of products which are minimalistic and serve multi purposes at the same time. Our clutch purse allows you to carry your essential and then display them in your home as a work of art. Our card wallets can be carried in pockets as well as stuck on the phone. Our belts are double sided. Our DIY Jewelry Kits give you hours of creativity and your own designed eco-friendly fashion earrings. Our puzzle trays give you family activity and a serving tray and wall art at the same time. Our packaging is also made from sustainable recycled materials like cardstock and flute paper and cloth bags. All our products are handcrafted locally. Most of the manufacturing is by die cutting and hand sewing and hand woodworking by us and by locals. Part of the process involves laser cutting at local studios. About Cork: The Cork Oak is the only tree that benefits from the removal of its bark and, since it regenerates, it is truly an eco-conscious and sustainable natural resource. In fact, the same tree can be harvested every 8-10 years for over 200 years! An important and surprising fact is that the cork oak increases its ability to absorb CO2 during the natural regeneration process following stripping – a stripped cork tree absorbs, on average, five times more CO2. It is estimated that every year cork oak forests retain up to 14 million tonnes of CO2, a size-able contribution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the main cause of climate changes."
      • My Workshop / Demonstration: DIY Jewelry Demo: Participants get to see how to make their own eye-catching and trending earrings using cork fabric as the main material (UPDATED: 6/20)

      Ashley Michelle Home (Art) (@ashleymichellehome)

      • My Work: "Ashley Michelle Home ™ is all about inspiring people to express and share what is important to them. With human rights/social justice stationery and plants with tools and materials, we are able to bring together a diverse community and influence positive conversations and green initiatives."
      • My Workshop / Demonstration: "We will have a demonstration showing one of our 3D printers printing the Avocado Pit Floater. The floater is designed to hold avocado pits in water to help them sprout. This device is a great way for all ages to learn about the growth process of avocado trees. It encourages others to practice their green thumb and practice sustainability."

      Matilda Bliss Studio (Jewelry) (@matildablissstudio)

      • My Work: "I forage and personally collect all the Mica used within my work because I want to ensure Mica is sustainably sourced. This is why I maintain a professional connection with Western North Carolina, where Mica is native. It is my goal to one day partner with (or even establish) a foundation that supports the fair-trade and ethical mining of Mica across the entire jewelry industry. My line is distinguished from everything else in the market because I pair Mica with precious metals and gemstones. I fabricate minimal sterling frames to enhance the natural form and beauty. My work has a strong presence of prong settings that also helps to differentiate my jewelry from others in the market. The outcome highlights the natural iridescences in both light and color that Mica reflects."
      • My Workshop / Demonstration: "I will demonstrate setting mica and different jewelry settings throughout the weekend. Stamped charms for younger children could also be a great interactive way to involve everyone in the process."

      Kreative Krista (Home Goods) (@kreative.krista)

      • My Work: "As a fiber artist, my work ranges from giant blankets to tiny earrings to crocheted succulents. I enjoy creating reusable items that can replace everyday items such as face scrubbies, washcloths and even water balloons! I've been crocheting for almost 20 years and I love to share my love of this craft with others."
        My Workshop / Demonstration: DIY Mini Wall Hangings. I will be bringing all my yarn scraps and wooden branches from my yard and everyone can create an upcycled piece of art, that also reduces waste!

      Martha Street Art Night x Home Garden Project (Art, Zines) (@marthastreetartnight)

      • My Workshop / Demonstration: Planting & Propagation Workshops + Seed Share (view more info)

      MACLA / Ruben Escalante 

      • My Work: Coming soon...
      • My Workshop / Demonstration: Coming soon...