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Our next big event: San José Winter Wonder Market 2023 (Dec. 16-17).
Our next big event: San José Winter Wonder Market 2023 (Dec. 16-17).

Foster City Summer Days 2023

Foster City Summer Days is a large-scale outdoor festival celebration located on Foster City's beautiful Leo J. Ryan Park on the water and featuring:

  • An outdoor vendor marketplace featuring over 90 makers and artists curated by SJMADE (Saturday and Sunday only)
  • Food trucks curated by our sister company Moveable Feast (4 trucks on Friday, 20 trucks on Saturday and 20 trucks on Sunday)
  • A carnival featuring rides, attractions and games (all three days)
  • Live music performances (all three days)
  • Rubber ducky races (Sunday morning only)
  • Beer and wine booths (Saturday and Sunday only)
  • Classic car show (Friday only)
  • Beautiful waterfront views 
  • Summertime vibes
  • And more!

Located outdoors at the beautiful Leo J. Ryan Park at 650 Shell Blvd, Foster City, CA 94404. Free admission. Dog friendly. All ages.

View highlights from the 2022 event



  • Event TitleFoster City Summer Days 2023
  • Event Organizer: Foster City Parks & Recreation
  • Dates: August 18 through August 20 (view schedule below for programming details for each day)
  • Times: View schedule below
  • Location: Leo J. Ryan Park, 650 Shell Blvd, Foster City, CA 94404 (the event takes place both within the park, the park's parking lots and the road closure on Shell Boulevard between Hillside and South Road)
  • DetailsOutdoor event. Free admission. Dog friendly.
  • Official Event Website with Full Event Details:
  • Foster City Parks & Recreation on Facebook:



Friday, Aug. 18

  • Carnival Rides & Games: 5 pm to 10:30 pm
  • Food Trucks by Moveable Feast: 5 pm to 8 pm
  • Classic Car Show (Meadow): 4 pm to 7 pm
  • Concert (Amphitheater) featuring A Touch of Class Band (R&B, Funk and Soul): 6 pm to 8 pm

Saturday, Aug. 19

  • Carnival Rides & Games: 11 am to 11pm
  • Vendor Marketplace by SJMADE: 11 am to 6 pm
  • Community Booths: 11am to 6 pm
  • Food Trucks by Moveable Feast: 11 am to 8 pm
  • Beverage Booths: 11 am to 8 pm
  • Entertainment: 10 am to 8 pm including a live performance at the park's Amphitheater by Mercy and The Heartbeats from 6 pm to 8 pm

Sunday, Aug. 20

  • Rubber Ducky Races: 9 am to 11 am
  • Carnival Rides & Games: 11 am to 7 pm
  • Vendor Marketplace by SJMADE: 11 am to 5 pm
  • Community Booths: 11 am to 5 pm
  • Food Trucks by Moveable Feast: 11 am to 5 pm
  • Beverage Booths: 11 am to 5 pm





    Click image to enlarge

    Vendor Marketplace Lineup - Sorted by Booth Number

    • A01 Juliet's Succulent Garden
    • A02 Small Batch Jam Co.
    • A03 Eizel’s Bakery
    • A04 Huang Pottery
    • A05 La Luna Designs
    • A05 Dark Lantern Perfumery
    • A06 La Paloma Imports
    • A07 Vadroka Illustrations
    • A08 ME Crafts
    • A09 Kelsiekishidraws
    • A09 Same Same Goods
    • A10 Dream Fields Indigo
    • B01 Art of Mazzy
    • B02 MisNGar GemNAirs
    • B03 CastlePals
    • B04 Sunflower Studio
    • B05 bao by andrea
    • B06 Ellia May Makes
    • B07 Tsumomoca
    • B08 The Concrete Flamingo
    • C01 Woof Baked Goods
    • C02 Tiny Right Brain Designs
    • C03 Vyolet
    • C04 Haruki Plushies
    • C05 Designs by Masako
    • C09 Vibes Bodega
    • C10 The DLT Jewel Co.
    • C11 Pocketful of Sprockets
    • C13 Motif's Art Studio
    • C14 BVanSoi
    • D01 Ceramics By Jane
    • D02 Kyla Camille Candles
    • D03 Malisa Suchanya Illustrations
    • D04 9 Lunas Accessories
    • D05 Ana 'N Shy
    • D06 Bad Witch Crystals
    • D07 Fonzie's Artisanal Goods
    • D08 Sleepy Rhino
    • D09, D10 Jodi408
    • E01 Earthside Candles Co
    • E02 Kidtzia’s Soapy Skin
    • E03 Dezireecustoms
    • E04 Leila's Divine Designs
    • E05 Golden Luxe Jewels
    • E06 Euphoric Sun
    • E07 Happy Pals Co
    • F01 Ronin Decals
    • F02 Kailuna Co
    • F03 Surrasa
    • F04 Jayem Boutique
    • F05 Jewelry Made With Love
    • F06 Hachi Bit
    • F07 Nspiring Keepsakes
    • F08 MRL Creations
    • F09 cycychangart
    • F10 You don’t need a green thumb stained glass
    • G01 Peaceful Clay
    • G02 Sam's Gourmet Jams
    • G03 Cupcakes for College
    • G04 Jennifer Clifford's Adventures in Collage
    • G05 Light and Flicker
    • G06 Rose Gold Jelly
    • G07 Snippet Studios
    • G08 MorninGlam
    • G09 woodymakesthings
    • G10 Stitches by Tiff
    • G11 Candy Paint Cafe
    • G12 Neko-Oi
    • J01 Island Memories SF
    • J02 CositasContreras
    • J03 Jen's Handcrafted Soap
    • J04 Designs by A Fox
    • J08 The Hungry Sloth
    • J09 Eternal Trinket
    • J10 Deer Fawnas Designs
    • J11 StormCloud Press
    • J12 Popoki Ceramics
    • J12 MG Clayground Studios
    • K01 Made by Cas5
    • K03 CC Snacks
    • K04 Something Jackalope
    • K05 The Scent Library
    • K06 Super Kawaii Apparel
    • K07 Utku Kids
    • K08 Golden Circle
    • L01 Cutie Pop!
    • L02 DBC Customs LLC
    • L06 SoSoGreetings

    Vendor Marketplace Lineup - Sorted Alphabetically

    • 9 Lunas Accessories - D04
    • Ana 'N Shy - D05
    • Art of Mazzy - B01
    • Bad Witch Crystals - D06
    • bao by andrea - B05
    • BVanSoi - C14
    • Candy Paint Cafe - G11
    • CastlePals - B03
    • CC Snacks - K03
    • Ceramics By Jane - D01
    • CositasContreras - J02
    • Cupcakes for College - G03
    • Cutie Pop! - L01
    • cycychangart - F09
    • Dark Lantern Perfumery - A05
    • DBC Customs LLC - L02
    • Deer Fawnas Designs - J10
    • Designs by A Fox - J04
    • Designs by Masako - C05
    • Dezireecustoms - E03
    • Dream Fields Indigo - A10
    • Earthside Candles Co - E01
    • Eizel’s Bakery - A03
    • Ellia May Makes - B06
    • Eternal Trinket - J09
    • Euphoric Sun - E06
    • Fonzie's Artisanal Goods - D07
    • Golden Circle - K08
    • Golden Luxe Jewels - E05
    • Hachi Bit - F06
    • Happy Pals Co - E07
    • Haruki Plushies - C04
    • Huang Pottery - A04
    • Island Memories SF - J01
    • Jayem Boutique - F04
    • Jen's Handcrafted Soap - J03
    • Jennifer Clifford's Adventures in Collage - G04
    • Jewelry Made With Love - F05
    • Jodi408 - D09, D10
    • Juliet's Succulent Garden - A01
    • JZL.LTTRSandCRFTS - E08
    • Kailuna Co - F02
    • Kelsiekishidraws - A09
    • Kidtzia’s Soapy Skin - E02
    • Kyla Camille Candles - D02
    • La Luna Designs - A05
    • La Paloma Imports - A06
    • Leila's Divine Designs - E04
    • Light and Flicker - G05
    • Made by Cas5 - K01
    • Malisa Suchanya Illustrations - D03
    • ME Crafts - A08
    • MG Clayground Studios - J12
    • MisNGar GemNAirs - B02
    • MorninGlam - G08
    • Motif's Art Studio - C13
    • MRL Creations - F08
    • Neko-Oi - G12
    • Nspiring Keepsakes - F07
    • Peaceful Clay - G01
    • Pocketful of Sprockets - C11
    • Popoki Ceramics - J12
    • Ronin Decals - F01
    • Rose Gold Jelly - G06
    • Sam's Gourmet Jams - G02
    • Same Same Goods - A09
    • Sleepy Rhino - D08
    • Small Batch Jam Co. - A02
    • Snippet Studios - G07
    • Something Jackalope - K04
    • SoSoGreetings - L06
    • Stitches by Tiff - G10
    • StormCloud Press - J11
    • Sunflower Studio - B04
    • Super Kawaii Apparel - K06
    • Surrasa - F03
    • The Concrete Flamingo - B08
    • The DLT Jewel Co. - C10
    • The Hungry Sloth - J08
    • The Scent Library - K05
    • Tiny Right Brain Designs - C02
    • Tsumomoca - B07
    • Utku Kids - K07
    • Vadroka Illustrations - A07
    • Vibes Bodega - C09
    • Vyolet - C03
    • woodymakesthings - G09
    • Woof Baked Goods - C01
    • You don’t need a green thumb stained glass - F10




    Friday, Aug. 18

    • Waffle Roost
    • Sam’s Chowdermobile
    • WoKitchen
    • Melina's Kitchen

    Saturday, Aug. 19

    • Buri Buri
    • Melina's Kitchen
    • Twister/Rolling Duck
    • Mr. Rice Kebab
    • Mr. Andrews Catering
    • Akita Sushi
    • 333 Truck
    • Kabob Trolley
    • Picnic Basket
    • BunBao
    • Lilo's Kitchen
    • Capelo's BBQ
    • Chubbys Chicken
    • Waffle Amore
    • Thai Thai
    • Jolly's Teas Cream
    • Marleys Treats
    • Mister Softee
    • Smoothielicious

    Sunday, Aug. 20

    • Melina's Kitchen
    • Twister/Rolling Duck
    • Mr. Rice Kebab
    • Mr. Andrews Catering
    • 333 Truck
    • Kabob Trolley
    • BunBao
    • Rincon del Cielo
    • Old Greenwood BBQ
    • Chubbys Chicken
    • Waffle Amore
    • Thai Thai
    • Mozzeria
    • Capelo's BBQ
    • Road Dogs
    • Jolly's Teas Cream
    • Mister Softee
    • Smoothielicious



    Discounted carnival ride tickets are available from now until August 17. After August 17, carnival ride tickets will only be available for purchase on-site at the event itself. Reminder: Admission to the overall event is free, tickets are just required for the carnival rides and attractions. Purchase discounted tickets here.


    FEATURED LIVE MUSIC PERFORMANCE - Friday, Aug. 18 - 6 PM to 8 PM

    A Touch of Class Band (website)

    The Touch Of Class Band was formed in 1984 with the vision of vocal harmonies, choreography, and a heavy horn section added to the mix. We are an eleven piece high energy show band that has performed though out the Bay Area as well as Tahoe for the past 35 years.

    As a versatile group we perform R&B / Funk/ Pop and if required, Oldies and Standards. Our varied repertoire enables us to perform at clubs, corporate events, weddings and any event that calls for talented entertainment.

    It is this kind of variety combined with choreography and high energy that make it possible for us to provide the kind of quality entertainment that adds a spark to any event. We also have a skilled sound technician to keep the music balanced at a comfortable listening, dancing level. To sum it up, we are exactly as our name implies, a "Touch of Class".


    FEATURED LIVE MUSIC PERFORMANCE - Saturday, Aug. 19 - 6 PM to 8 PM

    Mercy & The Heartbeats (website)

    There’s a certain type of person that lives for the stage. Lives to entertain. Fueled by the smiles and energy of a crowd. Into this tradition steps Mercy & The Heartbeats, a dance band comprised of veteran musicians from some of the most popular and successful dance and touring bands in the Bay Area and beyond. If you've got Mercy, then you've got all your favorite songs - 70’s and 80's classics, 90's singalongs, and the most current radio hits. A band not to be missed!

    Collectively, the six members of Mercy have been trusted to share the stage with legendary artists spanning all genres and decades, such as Mark McGrath (Sugar Ray), Bret Michaels (Poison), Coolio, The Sugar Hill Gang, Tone Loc, Steve Harwell (Smash Mouth), Pat Monahan (Train), Lou Gramm (Foreigner), The Black Keys, Digital Underground, Phil Lesh (Grateful Dead), Peter Buck and Mike Mills (R.E.M.), Mickey Thomas (Starship), Garry Beers and Ciaran Gribbin (INXS), Jennifer Holiday (Dreamgirls), Jerry Reed, Mel McDaniels, John Lee Hooker, The Coasters, Malo, Jorge Santana, Ryan Merchant (Capital Cities), Don Ho, Tony Lindsay (Santana), and many more.

    And now, the members of Mercy & The Heartbeats bring their talents together to entertain you! One purpose, one goal: for you and yours to have as much fun at your event as they do every time they step on stage.


    RUBBER DUCKY RACE - Sunday, Aug. 20 - 9 AM to 11 AM

    The popular race from the 1980s is back and will be held on Sunday, August 21 at Foster City Summer Days! Community members who bring their own inflatable vessel, such as a raft or inner tube, are eligible to compete in race the lagoon along the boardwalk. Check-in for the races start at 8:30 AM. The first Rubber Ducky Race starts at 9 AM. Pre-registration is required. Register here.



    In 2019 and 2022, we were part of the event through our sister company Moveable, curating and placing food trucks at the event on both Saturday and Sunday. We saw first-hand how big and how significant of a community event this is for the Foster City / San Mateo County area so we're truly excited to be able to curate and create the artist & maker market again for this year's Foster City Summer Days event. The initial plan was to temporarily take over the vendor marketplace duties while our friends at SF Etsy–the original curator of the artist & maker vendor marketplace in 2019–were on sabbatical from doing events. However, as their sabbatical from doing events continues through present day, we will continue to create the vendor marketplace at each Foster City Summer Days.