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We've got new MOMENT stores. Meet: MOMENT Paseo. Five new storefronts in downtown San José.
We've got new MOMENT stores. Meet: MOMENT Paseo. Five new storefronts in downtown San José.

Breathing Thru Broken-Ness: A Zine Reading & Pop Up Shop Event

On Saturday, June 26, join San José Made for a very special event featuring zine readings and a pop up shop by San José artist & maker Alicia Cardell as well as pop up shops by artists Maylea Saito, Courtney DeveruxBel Nario and Cristina Medrano PLUS live music by Julien Stainback. Located at MOMENT in downtown San José at 60 N. San Pedro Street, San José, CA 95113

Things start at 11 AM with Alicia having a Q&A before doing a live reading of the zines "Begone Thought" (view) and "lil monstas" (view) followed up by some really personal zines compiled in "lil comics" (view), and finally, ending with a brand new zine debuting at this very live reading called "be a good kid". This is a live reading so we encourage everyone to view and support in-person HOWEVER if you're unable to make it to the reading, we'll be live streaming it on SJMADE's Instagram

At 12:30 PM, all of the pop up shops will open up (along with the MOMENT storefronts) and live music by Julien Stainback will be going down throughout the day. Y'all: we are super excited about this event and cannot wait to share it with all of y'all in the San José community and beyond. It's gonna be an incredible day of super talented people sharing their incredible work with you, and we're truly honored to be able to host this experience!

BTW on-site parking is free for the first 90 minutes. Enter the on-site parking lot at 45 N. Market Street, San José, CA 95113

About the Artists

Alicia Cardell (shop / websitefollow on IG)

“I am a Queer Taiwanese-American Illustrator, Printmaker, and Ceramicist from the Bay Area, California. My handmade work is a space for me to understand my personal trauma in order to break down generational trauma. To challenge conditioned mentalities we have internalized by disempowering them and empowering our Higher Selves. Even though I advocate for Vulnerability, Emotional Growth, and Authentic Healing; by no means have I mastered the practice. For me, my work is a place to practice.”

Maylea Saito (follow on IG)

"Maylea Saito is a mixed-media artist, muralist, and filmmaker from San Jose, CA. These shirt designs were created from 2018-2020, a special era of post-grad exploration via the screenprinting medium that marks the beginning of Maylea’s art career."

Bel Nario (shopfollow on IG)

"Bel Nario is a queer, nonbinary, filipinx multimedia artist who is interested in graphic design, jewelry making and all kinds of art-making practices. Their kitschy, chunky, cute handcrafted jewelry for their online shop chunkysbel encourages everyone to add a bit of color and fun to their everyday, reminiscent of the crafts they used to make as a child and the carefree and joyful nature with which they craft their items. By focusing on upcycling and reusing craft items, their materials are sourced from local creative reuse and secondhand stores from around the Bay Area, as well as from other small businesses and their own collection from over the years!"

Courtney Deverux (website / follow on IG)

"Hi I’m Courtney, and I'm a Filipina-American artist born and raised in the bay area! I focus on character design and illustration, but I love making cute and funky accessories in my spare time!"

Cristina Medrano (follow on IG)

"Cristina is a multimedia artist from San Francisco who draws inspiration from the beauty and magic of gardening and her Central American heritage. Her beadwork comes from a meditative process with a glamorous end product."

Julien Stainback (follow on IG)

"I am a 24-year-old guitarist. I mainly create music and play as it gives me purpose. Although I’ve only been playing guitar for about 3 years, I played in concert band all through middle and high school. Making and playing music on my own terms has connected me to others in ways I couldn’t have imagined earlier in life. My main influences are Tomo Fujita for his funky rhythm playing, Steve Lacy for his R&B inspired chord progressions, and Maximillian from The Main Squeeze for his emotive playing. My top genres are indie rock and the blues."