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Apply to Vend: San José Craft Holiday Fair on Nov. 26-28
Apply to Vend: San José Craft Holiday Fair on Nov. 26-28



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Packed with cooling herbs, this tea blend is the perfect addition to your hot days or when you just want to cool down—physically or mentally.

This tea loose-leaf tea comes in an eco-compostable pouch to help protect not only what's inside, but also our planet.

organic raspberry leaves, organic lemongrass, organic rose, organic fennel seeds

Daily serving size:
Give this blend a stir. Steep ½ - 1 teaspoon in 8 - 12oz of hot water for 5 - 10 minutes, strain, let it cool down and enjoy.

More about this item:

Caffeine free. This unique herbal combination keeps giving even after you stop drinking it. Take a few sips, send it down, wait a moment, then embrace the delicate flavors in your mouth. We make every drop and scoop with great care and positive intentions because it’s not just about what we make, but how we make it. As with every herbal product, check with a healthcare professional if herbs are right for you. Enjoy!

Certified Organic