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FRESH California sagebrush - five stems approx 5 inches each. Amazing scent! Mar-Nov

Five approximately 6 inch long stems of fresh cut California sagebrush (Artemisia californica). It smells amazing, wild, and herbal. Place on your altar, in your bath, or on your car dashboard to transform the moment into an adventure of peaceful wilderness! California sagebrush is extremely drought tolerant. To me the smell represents vitality in the face of challenge. I harvest the same day as I ship so that you can get the freshest possible product. Indigenous Ohlone, whose land we are on here in Santa Clara County, use the plant medicinally for various ailments. You can read more about California Sagebrush at: If you like this scent, you'll also enjoy my California Wilderness Satchet: and my California Sagebrush Spray: - I031