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Bobacat Acrylic Charms - Boba Milk tea kitty 2" accessories

by Neko-Oi

Bobacat Acrylic Charms Sizes vary slightly by design but fit within a 2x2" space Designs feature my original Bobacat with different expressions!

1 - Nyan - when you walk in to your favorite boba store!

2 - Happy - when you've gotten your milk tea

3 - Sleepy - when you want to take a nap after you've filled up on boba

4 - Dizzy - when you are overcome with choices and don't know what to get


6 - Full - when you are overfilled with boba and in a state of bliss and complete satisfaction

7 - Blep - when you're just being silly and hanging out with your friends at a boba shop

9 - Angry - when someone promises you boba and they don't get it for you

10 - Flirty - boba date <3

11 - Playful - when you just want to play with your food/boba

12 - Crai - when there is no more milktea left for you TT^TT

Charms are doublesided (same image mirrored) and transparent! - Please note that all acrylic charms will have a plastic protective film on both sides that can be peeled off to reveal your shiny smooth charm underneath :)