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View our upcoming event: Reclamation (6/24-6/25)

Sushi Cat Mewchi Hard Enamel Pin - Rice kitty Nigiri 1.25"~1.5"

by Neko-Oi
SushiCat Mewchi Hard Enamel Pin - Hard Enamel with gold plating - All pins are roughly 1.25"-1.5" depending on the design - Neko-Oi Backstamp - Butterfly pin back w/ backing card Menu: Sake - Salmon (orange w/ white stripes) Maguro - Tuna (red) Otoro - Fatty Tuna (pink with marbling) Amaebi - Sweet shrimp (orange-reddish) Ebi - Shrimp (orange and white) Tamago - Sweet Egg (yellow) Ikura - Salmon Roe (red bubbles) Inari - Tofu Pocket (brown tent) Original Mewchi - No sushi, just Rice and love<3