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Seasonal Fruits and Veggies Calendar


🍋 This watercolor Seasonal Fruit and Vegetable Calendar wall art is on a beautiful 12"x18" 250gr creative paper. This is meant to list the seasonal fruits and veggies on the West Coast in California, USA! It's based on the Californian harvest guides and collecting information from the local farmers. However, most of the US states get their fresh produce from California, so it is mostly accurate in all states. 🍋 I painted this watercolor wall art piece for helping people to pick seasonal fruits and veggies at the local farmer's market. It just makes it super easy to meal plan. Honoring the seasons change and eating local fruits and veggies are essential parts of a healthy and sustainable living. This is not just a beautiful home decor but also functional. I hope you will treasure is every day while you look at it in your kitchen and use it to make you healthier and happier. 🍋 Copyright © Ditti Magyar✨ 🍋Framing Tip 🍋 This print is UNFRAMED I suggest using a 12"x18" frame or an 18"x24" frame with the proper opening. A 12" wide magnetic poster hanger is also a good inexpensive choice (see listing pic). 🍋My goal is to create beautiful wall art and illustrations to cheer people up✨ I believe that adding small beauties to our home and environment really makes a difference. I hope you will enjoy looking at my artwork every day as much as I enjoyed creating them! Thank you for choosing my home decor piece to surround you in your space 🙏 Follow me on Instagram @brownbudapest for the latest illustrations! - M001