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This Saturday (Oct. 8) is our Oktoberfest themed Night Market (1 PM to 8 PM)
This Saturday (Oct. 8) is our Oktoberfest themed Night Market (1 PM to 8 PM)

Three Ladies


👩‍🦰 Say hello, to this cute Women Empowerment print, guaranteed to delight your lovely besties! It is also perfect for gifting a mom or a daughter for a birthday or any occasion. It's printed on high-quality matte paper. Let's celebrate the community of strong women each day!

This print is 8.5"x11" size. Please note, that the listing pictures are not representative of the true size,
This print is UNFRAMED

👩‍🦰 I created this watercolor print to celebrate women! Let’s remind ourselves how badass women are. We need to shapeshift and show up with our beautiful selves in so many different areas. Let’s support one another to grow and shine our lights. I painted these Ladies based on the ayurvedic wisdom. Ayurveda is the oldest medical system of the planet. It means the "science of life". It distinguishes three mind-body types. Vata is the creative woman, Pitta is the boss babe and Kapha is the loving mother. Let’s embody all of them!

👩‍🦰 Copyright © Ditti Magyar
👩‍🦰 My goal is to create beautiful wall art and illustrations to cheer people up✨I believe that adding small beauties to our home and environment really makes a difference. I hope you will enjoy looking at my artwork every day as much as I enjoyed creating them! Thank you for choosing my home decor piece to surround you in your space🙏

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