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View our upcoming event: Reclamation (6/24-6/25)

Gummy Cat Acrylic Charms - Fruit Jelly Kitties

by Neko-Oi

Gummy Cats Acrylic Charms

Sizes vary slightly by design but fit within a 2x2" space

Bring a cute gummy cat with you on your food adventures :3

Blueberry (Blue) - 100% artificially flavored
Lemon (Yellow) - With a hint of sour
Lime (Green) - Tangy and sweet
Pineapple (White) - Fruity and fun
Strawberry (Red) - Solid choice for a tasty treat

- Charms are doublesided (same image mirrored)
- Please note that all acrylic charms will have a plastic protective film that can be peeled off to reveal your shiny smooth charm underneath :)