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New Event Announcement: Fall Festival 2022 (Oct. 1)
New Event Announcement: Fall Festival 2022 (Oct. 1)

Frankenstein & His Bride Card


A romantic card of the classic Frankenstein and his bride, featuring Boris Karloff and Elsa Lanchester. This card would be great for Valentine's Day, anniversary, or if you know someone who is having a Halloween wedding! If you look verrrryyy close you can see a ring on the Bride's finger!

I sketched the original drawing with pencil, then polished it off with pen. Then I couldn't decide on just one design, so I drew out two. Each have their own hand lettering and spooky cute background.

You have (2) options to choose from:
1. ""Made for each other"" card
2. ""Ring Gooood"" card

A2 (blank inside) greeting card 4.25"" x 5.5"" printed on archival matte paper, with brown kraft envelope.