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Essential Coffee Guide


☕️ This vibrant watercolor Coffee Guide wall art is on a beautiful 12" x 18" 250 gr creative paper. This Coffee Poster features essential coffees from around the world. It includes a short description of how to make each coffee which makes it a perfect cheat sheet for baristas at home or at a cafe.
This Coffee Infographic Print is a perfect gift for a coffee lover and beautiful decoration for your kitchen, living room, or dining room.

☕️ It features the following 9 coffee types with a short description:
- Espresso
- Cappuccino
- Americano
- Affogato
- Mocha
- Flat White
- Latte Macchiato
- Irish Coffee
- Cafe Latte

☕️ Copyright © Ditti Magyar✨

☕️ Framing tip☕️
I suggest using a 12x18" frame or an 18"x24" frame with the proper opening. A 12" wide magnetic poster hanger is also a good inexpensive but elegant choice.

☕️ Please, kindly note
This print comes unframed
The colors might vary due to screen setup
The measurements are in ml

☕️ I painted this watercolor wall art piece for helping me to make fancy coffees without looking at the exact measurements and method up on my phone. I have a nice coffee maker set up and love to serve my guests with delicious and beautiful coffees. I am not a barista but love coffee. It is also part of my everyday ritual. Enjoy!

☕️ My goal is to create beautiful wall art and illustrations to cheer people up✨I believe that adding small beauties to our home and environment really makes a difference. I hope you will enjoy looking at my artwork every day as much as I enjoyed creating them! Thank you for choosing my home decor piece to surround you in your space🙏

☕️ I have a matching Seasonal Fruit and Veggies Calendar to complete the look in your kitchen:)

💕 I love seeing my artwork at its new home!! Please, share your photo and follow me on Instagram @brownbudapest, #brownbudapest. Thank you!

Ditti💕 - M002