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Wax Melts (5 Types)


what it is:

Wax melts are a great way to enjoy fragrance without the flame and our favorite substitute to a candle.

why we love it:

  • add a cube to your wax warmer and let the flameless aroma fill your living space

  • a great way to sample our new and seasonal blends and great substitute to a candle.

  • mix and match your melts! our scents can blend together harmoniously in your melter.


  • 2.75 oz coconut beeswax blend | (6) 1" cubes each | packs sold individually



Comes in five variations:
• "Cascada" come from the Spanish word meaning "waterfall". Our dupe of the scent Black Ice with a twist. Top notes of woodsy sandalwood, middle notes of citrus and base notes of floral lavender.
• "Agua Fresa" comes from the Spanish words meaning "Strawberry Water". Our candle dupe of the delicious refreshing Mexican drink. Ripe strawberries slices muddled in cool water and soaked in sugar.
• "La Cocina" comes from the Spanish word meaning "the kitchen". The ideal candle to light in the kitchen, the heart of the household. Citrus notes of clementine and lime intertwine in a botanical base of freshly picked rosemary + basil.
• "Paleta" gets is name from the Spanish word for "popsicle". Notes of crisp blood orange + tangy mandarin infused with creamy coconut. Paleta's are a tasty traditional Mexican treat which inspired this blend.
• "Desierto" comes from the Spanish word meaning "the desert". Sweet agave + watery aloe enhance this fresh earthy blend with base notes green leaves + patchouli.