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ATLA Stationery — FIRE: ZUKO


Zuko has to have one of the best character arcs of all time. He and Aang have a lot in common. They both have traumas from their youth that compel them make amends by proving their worth. They both believe that taking down their one opponent will accomplish it all for them. And they also believe that their task is a burden for them to bear alone, not a single other person in the world could possibly do the job for them. And yet, Zuko’s tale is not just a carbon copy of Aang’s. Zuko may be experiencing a lot of the same troubles as Aang but his way of processing, questioning and growth is what makes him stand out.

► The stationery is 4x6 inches, full bleed.
► Printed on Smooth Matte archival photo paper that is non-reflective
► The paper is acid-free, 47lb, and 176gsm
► Stationery set includes 10 sheets with 2 sturdy kraft envelopes.

Colors on screens may vary