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Our next big event is Saturday, Oct. 7: Fall Festival 2023
Our next big event is Saturday, Oct. 7: Fall Festival 2023

Mini Angel Pins

A collection of little angel pins! Though they are small, they are just as angelically capable as their larger counterparts.

These mini angels are available individually; or as a complete flock for a discount. Each pin is approximately 1 inches (2.5 cm) long. Each pin has rubber clutches, hard enamel, and gold plating. Unless noted otherwise, each pin comes with two pinbacks.

The Full Set
One of each little angel! These angelic friends were made to fly together. Get the full set and save some cash.

A fiery many-winged angel. It keeps watch with its tiny eyes.
Please note: this pin has two posts, and the rubber pinbacks overlap slightly when affixed - so it is discounted.

A green and brown many-faced angel. With multiple tiny voices it shouts "be not afraid!"

Colorful Ophanim
A trio of tiny ophanim, linked together to show off all the colors of the rainbow.

A tiny blue trumpeter angel, adorned with a crown. Fish has a single pinback.

A helpful little heavenly messenger hound, with a purple envelope in his mouth.

This listing is for standard grade pins only. Standard grade pins may have one or two tiny imperfections.