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Q Branch Woodworks

Q Branch Woodworks is an independent handmade wood goods company. We are a small operation. In fact, we're an army of one.

Hi, I'm Brad, and I make everything that you see here. I'm an avid woodturner (as you could probably tell), and I love to make beautiful objects that people can use in their daily life. It is this connection to people around the world that motivates me.

My philosophy is that if you truly love an object, you will enjoy its use. To that end, I strive to create the most beautiful and useful goods that I can, so that using them is a pleasure for you.

We do our best to harvest the majority of the wood that we use from local sources, such as pre-planned tree fellings, forestry removal operations, and old forestry site stump removal. We also work with a network of vendors to source woods that don't grow naturally here in California. 

Our wood is turned by hand using the best available high-speed steel tools. We usually turn the wood while it's green (wet), then allow it to dry, then finish the woodturning several months (or even years) later. This process is not without losses - occasionally, a bowl will split, crack, or warp in such a way that it is no longer recoverable. When this happens, we recycle the bowls with our local green waste management service. All of our lumber is milled and turned in-house.

Instagram: @qbranchwoodworks