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Plant Theory Co.

Hi, Joanna Sun, co-owner of Plant Theory Co. here! I started Plant Theory at home 2 years ago in Japantown San Jose where we live. Plant Theory Co. then teamed up with Zonkey Toys during the pandemic to create a one of a kind plant and toy shop in Japantown, San Jose. 

As a creator, we design and make plant-themed, fun merchandise that takes pop culture, a hint of Japantown, and the love of San Jose into play. 

At the store, we have a curated wide selection of plants, plant supplies, pots, tools, and artist goods for your home. We try our best to source beautiful and healthy plants, aesthetic ceramics, plant accessories and anything that brings a little fun to life. 

And as residents of Japantown, San Jose, we wanted to share our undying love of plants with our wonderful community; as well as create a relaxing space that is full of things that bring people joy. We’re proud to be part of the San Jose community and share our love of plants and toys with everyone.

Follow us on IG: Planttheoryco