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Apply to Vend: San José Craft Holiday Fair on Nov. 26-28
Apply to Vend: San José Craft Holiday Fair on Nov. 26-28


“My name is Rebecca,  a women of God, owner and creator of Narvica. Candles have always been a love of mine. Skincare routine is what I do on a weekly basis. Diffusers are something that look great in my house.

Narvica was a concept I shared with my 2 best friends long before the pandemic. Matter fact long before I moved countries in 2017 (originally from Australia now living in USA for 3 years now and counting). It was just us girls who on a Friday night came up with the business name of “NARVICA” (a name that combined our very own in 1).

To this day I share my vision with them and tell them everything I plan to do. I look back on where it began with the candle scents and one that will be my baby that started it all was Sunday Brunch (scented of mimosa). This is the candle scent I first tried, tested, wick and will treasure the most.

The reason why I started to go full-time in my small business during a pandemic is because no matter how busy I was living my life Monday-Friday, working 9am-5pm, I knew they believed in my dream of owning a business of my own. I love where Narvica is now and how much it has grown!

Fast forward to now - I have launched candles, skincare and diffusers. Best believe I have been walking with faith and not by sight because God has made this all possible. Now all I do is pray about this business and pray for my customers and do that little dance with every order that comes in.

Narvica products are all made by hand in my loving home, in my craft room where amount of testing, going back and forth to the whiteboard, many times of wanting to throw in the towel but always working the next day like nothing will stop me. 

Throughout this journey I have learnt about myself most importantly, I have failed, I have  won and it's only the beginning. My determination to make my dream come true as a business owner, to make my customers satisfied with their purchase I handmade. I learnt that my only competitor is myself, I am only one idea away to start changing my life that God planned for me. I give God all the glory for my blessing of Narvica, and I will sow in this business and watch my harvest grow in all seasons no matter what! Thank you for reading and most importantly thank you for making my dreams come true.” -Rebecca Méndez, owner of Narvica

Instagram: @narvica_