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Meraki Strokes

“My name is Suneet Bhatia, owner of Meraki Strokes, and I am an artist based in the San Jose area who strives to provide beauty through art for all my patrons. My past experiences include working with commercial advertising agencies as a professional commercial artist, fashion boutiques as a designer, and elementary school as an art educator in India before moving to California.

Being an art enthusiast, important aspects of my work include texture, depth, color and design intricacy. My collection is often a result of mix learning from experiences, observation, and simultaneous experimentation in practice. My paintings depict variety of art forms such as abstracts, floral, and Indian mythological & modern figures, born out of sheer love and dedication for art. I also paint Bags, Ornaments, Photo-frames, Coasters (tiles), Pots, Scarves, Flower Vase, Stones (paper-weights), Trays and Accessory Boxes.” -Suneet Bhatia, owner of Meraki Strokes

Instagram: @merakistrokes