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Apply to Vend: San José Craft Holiday Fair on Nov. 26-28
Apply to Vend: San José Craft Holiday Fair on Nov. 26-28

Les Réseaux

Creation is the meaning of my life. It makes me feel stronger, better, lighter. It makes me feel worthy. 

The idea of the "Les Réseaux" brand is to emphasize your beauty, highlight your uniqueness and perfection by implementing the OOAK jewelry. Those things belong only to you, were created only for you, and nobody else has anything like that, as nobody else in this world looks like you.

I want you to feel better about yourself, empower your new journeys, and support in your vital decisions. I want you to look into the mirror, trying these unique earrings, and think: "I can do it." You can change the world if you want to. 

I do care about sustainability, so I use all kinds of things in my jewelry, such as old toys, plastic bottles, old leather scrap, and so on. I think we are surrounded by so many beautiful things, they deserved a second chance. 

Part of our profits are donated to children in need. Whatever is 5 dollars to you, for them, makes a difference. We should build a world where kids do not suffer, and we can do it. Together.

In the meantime, enjoy your time here in my little magical world of creation.

Instagram: @lesreseauxshop