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Our next event: Friend Fest 2023 on Mar. 4-5, 2023!
Our next event: Friend Fest 2023 on Mar. 4-5, 2023!


“BeadsnShine was established in 2019 in San Jose California. As of now my shop is one woman show. Passion for creating something unique brought me here. I have been creating since I was age of 5. My parents have always given me an outlet to channelize my talent. So, in my adult life I took a step ahead and started creating for others. I saw myself and my craft blooming and getting appreciated. One fine day I had an idea to concrete my creativity and I started doing art and jewelry. Eventually BeadsnShine came into being real.  

Our handmade jewelry is made from all natural and superior quality gemstones. We like to think that our handmade jewelry as small work of art, made with lot of love and care. Each piece is unique and one of a kind. We give utmost importance to quality and make it our topmost priority. You will find brass, glass, sterling silver, gold filled materials used in our collections. 

Our gemstones come specially made by artisans in India. Your purchase not only supports us but the artisans back there who are looking for a platform to display their talents." -Sinjita Mondal, owner of BeadsNShine Design

Instagram: @beadsnshine