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View our upcoming event: Reclamation (6/24-6/25)
View our upcoming event: Reclamation (6/24-6/25)

Arts From Glass Studio

Artsfromglass studio houses handmade art creations using different techniques from different forms of glass which can be part of our daily lives. I draw my inspiration from the world around us. I have a particular liking for butterflies. 

At Artsfromglass studio, you can find stained glass décor like suncatchers, lamps, tissue cozies, garden accessories and custom order knick-knacks. A range of fused glass jewelry, home décor and garden décor is also available. Artsfromglass pieces are functional as well as wearable and can stand its own as art pieces.

Stained glass and fused glass art require time, skill and lots and lots of patience. Every piece of art is handmade; no two pieces are similar to one another.