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Apply to Vend: San José Craft Holiday Fair on Nov. 26-28
Apply to Vend: San José Craft Holiday Fair on Nov. 26-28

Tall Circlular Handmade Ceramic Bud Vase - MADE TO ORDER


Once order goes through it will take me 30-45 days to complete the process. For larger orders you may expect closer to 2 months.

This unique striped pattern is done by hand on the wheel. There will be slight variations in size of the vase and the pattern since it is hard to control while the vase is in motion.

I offer 4 color options for this unique bud vase. All 4 options use BMix as the clay to get the natural cream color - and has a clear glaze finish to make it glossy.

Option 1 (Black/Cream - as seen in images)
Color: Jet Black -

Option 2 (Dark Blue/Cream)
Color: Royal Blue -

Option 3 (Green/Cream)
Color: Hunter Green -

Option 4 (Avocado/Cream)
Color: Avocado -

Please let me know if this is confusing or if you have any questions. I'm also willing to work with you on the color if you have something different in mind.

Our unique circular vase can serve as a bud vase or decorative piece in any home. Inspired by a target this bud vase is most interesting when you view it from above.

Handmade in California.

Oven, Microwave, and Dishwasher safe. - O010