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View our upcoming event: Reclamation (6/24-6/25)

Pan Dulce Payaso Fine Hand-Painted Glass Ornament by CasaQ

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4" Glass Pan Dulce Ornament Includes gift box and legend card

Pan Dulce Legend Card reads: After Columbus arrived in 1492, the Spanish missionaries brought wheat to Mexico to make the Eucharist wafer for the Catholic mass. It was years later when the French arrived in the 1800's that the country became inundated with French bakeries. Mexicans soon developed a fondness for crispy baguettes and rich pastries. The French rulers were defeated and expelled in 1862, but left behind a tasty legacy of delicious baked goods, making the Mexican baking tradition one of the most inventive in the world. Hundreds of years later Mexican sweet bread or pan dulce as it is known comes in numerous shapes and sizes with each unique pastry having its own name.