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Our next event: Friend Fest 2023 on Mar. 4-5, 2023!
Our next event: Friend Fest 2023 on Mar. 4-5, 2023!

Apply to Vend at 2022 Oktoberfest 2022 in San José

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Celebrate the 2022 Oktoberfest with us at San José's largest local brewery: Gordon Biersch Brewing Company. If you like the summer's Gordon Biersch Night Market, you'll love this Oktoberfest version of the event, featuring food trucks, live music, makers & artists and some delicious beer. Outdoors. Dog-friendly (must be leashed at all times). Free admission. All ages. 

Event Details

  • Oktoberfest 2022
  • Date: October 8, 2022
  • Time: 1 PM to 8 PM
  • Location: Gordon Biersch Brewing Company
  • Address: 357 E. Taylor Street, San José, CA 95112
  • Free admission. Outdoors. Dog-friendly (must be leashed at all times). All ages.
  • Street parking only. We highly encourage to use public transit, taxis, or ride sharing if you plan on drinking. ID's will be checked at door. 

Booth Space

  • Each vendor space is 10'x10' in size.
  • We have only seven (7) booth spaces for this event. Each booth space costs $105 except for the corner booth space which costs $155.
  • Each vendor is responsible for bringing their own canopy, canopy weights, table(s) and chair(s).
  • If you'd like to share a booth space, you must include your boothmate's Business Name, Name, Phone, Email, Website and IG in the notes section of the application.
  • Submitting your vendor application does NOT mean you are accepted to vend at the event. We review and jury all vendor applications prior to accepting, waitlisting or denying. 
  • We encourage everyone who is interested in the evening to apply however we are looking for vendors whose work or at least some of their work aligns with themes of fall and harvest. 


Vending Details

  • USING CANOPIES. Depending on the weather, the venue itself can be exposed to moderately strong wind in the late afternoon. The wind usually will die down by the event's start at 5 PM. However, please keep an eye on the forecast in the days prior to the event. If you are using a tent or canopy, you will be required by the fire marshal to have sufficient weights on each leg of the canopy / tent.
  • TABLES & CHAIRS: We are unable to provide any table(s) or chair(s) for vendors. Vendors are responsible for bring their own table(s) and chair(s). 
  • LIGHTING AND ELECTRICITY: There is no available access to electricity for vendors at the event. If you are vending at the event, we recommend bringing battery-operated lights if you would like to enhance the visibility at your booth. 
  • WIFI: There is no available wifi at the venue. We recommend vendors use mobile data from their devices or hotspots in order to take transactions through their devices.
  • LOAD-IN: If you'd like to bring your vehicle into the venue for load-in, you will be able to do so between 11 AM and 12:15 PM. If you prefer to carry or cart your stuff into the venue, you will be able to do so anytime between 11 AM and 12:45 PM.
  • LOAD-OUT: If you prefer to carry or cart your stuff out of the venue, you will be able to do so starting at 8 PM. If you'd like to bring your vehicle into the venue for load-out, you'll be able to do so starting at 8:30 PM or whenever all the food trucks have vacated the venue. 
  • PARKING: There is street parking available in the surrounding neighborhood, including on the street (Taylor Street) on which the venue resides. Please make sure to read the street signs and, if metered, pay the meters before leaving your vehicle parked. 

Vendor Application Process

To successfully submit your application, you must go through the online checkout process. Don't worry about the pick-up / delivery method, just choose whatever. Since this is a digital vendor application, whichever option you choose will not matter. 

Once you successfully submit your vendor application, our team will review your applicationo. Please keep in mind, we jury applications based on the materials with which you provide us as well as, if available, your booths / pop-ups at our previous events.

If this is your first time applying for a SJMADE event and you don't yet have a website for your business, no worries! We encourage you to simply share about your business in the comments section of the website so we can learn a little more about you and your work, and email us photos of some of your products to

Additionally, we jury applications based on creating balance with the product types offered at each event, e.g. we want to avoid situations where we have, like, three soap makers or three candles makers at the same event.

Within three (3) business days of submitting your vendor application, you will receive an email notification from someone on our team letting you know whether your application was accepted, waitlisted or rejected. If your application is accepted, we will send further instructions on participating in the event as well as promotional materials. If your application is waitlisted, you will have the ability to request a refund at that point and remove yourself from the waitlist OR keep your application on the waitlist in case there is a withdrawal for the event date (to which you applied) or in case we are able to increase the number of vendor booths per event. If your application is rejected, you will receive a full refund. 

Any questions? Email us at Make sure the subject line is "Gordon Biersch Night Market 2022 - Vendor Inquiry". 

Refund Policy

If you notify us of your withdrawal within 24 hours of submitting your vendor application, you will be eligible for a full refund. Given that the event is coming up soon, any withdrawals after that 24 hour period has elapsed will not be eligible for a refund. 


SAFETY: Participant will act with the highest regard for the safety of the attendees and other participants of the Event, and will adhere to all laws, policies, rules, and regulations applicable to the goods and/or activities of Participant, including obtaining all licenses, permits, and approvals that may be required to enable Participant to conduct its activities at the Event and fulfill its obligations under this Agreement.

LIABILITY: San José Made will not be responsible for any loss or damage to Participant’s property, injury to, or death of the Participant (or its agents, employees, and/or personnel), or Participant sales. Participant expressly assumes all risks of loss, damage, liability, injury, or destruction resulting from any cause whatsoever, including but not limited to acts or omissions by Participant, and hereby releases and waives any claims against San José Made related to such loss, damage, liability, injury, and/or destruction. 

INSURANCE: Participant represents that it has, or will have at the time of the Event, appropriate insurance to cover liability for the types of activities Participant will conduct at the Event. Participant covenants to be fully responsible for any of its liabilities, actions, or omissions, and will indemnify, defend, and hold San José Made (and its officers, employees, agents, vendors, affiliates, and representatives) harmless against any claims related to Participant’s liabilities, actions, or omissions.