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New Event Announcement: Fall Festival 2022 (Oct. 1)
New Event Announcement: Fall Festival 2022 (Oct. 1)

Ochre & Umber Kraft style Washi Tape

by Pabkins
This listing is for 1 roll of washi tape or the set please select your choice in the options. Please note these are dark Kraft style rolls so the art/print is very muted and subtle. Due to the transparent nature of washi tape they display best when used against white paper. These are my original characters and I also have other products with them in my shop. I hope you enjoy their adventures! Options: - Ochre & Umber Adventures ($6) (25mm x 10M) this roll depicts the 2 characters on various adventures - Magical Lanterns ($5) (15mm x 10M) this roll features the magic lanterns and puffs - Set of both ($10)