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NEW EVENT APPLICATION: San José Summer Fair 2023 (Aug. 12-13)
NEW EVENT APPLICATION: San José Summer Fair 2023 (Aug. 12-13)

Loyal Pooch / Good Boi Pin / Mr. Fox and Friends Collection

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Loyal Pooch, or Poochy, will help owners hunt and navigate forest trails. A healthy diet for Poochy includes both veggies and meat! Poochy is part of the 2020 Mr. Fox and Friends collection.

View the Good Bois Collection's sweet packaging (applies only to STANDARD grade pins):

. . . . .
• Size: 1.25 in
• Hard enamel, gold plating, two black clutch
• Colors may vary slightly from image depending on monitor

. . . . .
Our pins are held to the highest standard.

STANDARD: near perfect
• Excellent gifts and embellishments to a pin collection
• Pins are deemed 'Standard' after a highly selective process

SECONDS: noticeable defects
• Recommended for backpacks, jackets, tote bags, and other exterior wear
• Defects (from most common to least): speck(s) of incorrect color, print misalignment, chipped metal, fiber particles within enamel, scratches on surface of metal, missing enamel, oxidation
• Second pins usually carry one type of defect

. . . . .