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Lodgepole Pine Resin Incense, A Wild Harvested Scent From the California High Desert 8700+ Feet Elevation, Meditation, Spirituality, 1 oz


The listing is for 1 oz bag of wild harvested lodgepole pine resin, Pinus contorta. I have saved the resin for myself, now I hope you can enjoy it as well.

The reason I pack them in a glassine paper bag is to reduce packaging. Less packaging, less waste.

My lodgepole pine resin is sustainably harvested from the California high desert. I hiked and camped in a lodgepole pine forest with western juniper tree and big sagebrush also in abundance at an altitude of over 8700 ft. I mostly harvest from dead trees. With a living tree, I harvest only a small amount. Lodgepole pine is the only 2-needled pine in the Sierra. The seeds need a fire's heat to melt the resin covered on the cone and release the seeds. Traditionally, the resin was used as a base for medicines, poultices...

There is abundant information about the uses of lodgepole pine resin on internet. It is widely used for aromatherapy, skin care, and much more. My favorite way to use of the resin is in my perfumes, lotions, hand creams, and to burn as incense. The rich, pungent, and clearing smoke will ground you to a peaceful and inviting environment. Place on a charcoal for a wonderful warm, fresh sweet pine aroma. It also can be combined with other resins for meditation.

I am always touched by the forest. Please cherish this special and precious gift from nature.

Net Wt. 1 oz

The label paper I use is 30% recycled. The copy paper I may use for your order is 95% made from sugarcane. The tissue paper I use is recyclable. I will do simple but sturdy packaging for your order, because I like to put almost all money on my products, not just packaging. I am so tired of over packing, styrofoam, and plastic garbage! I know beautiful and fancy packaging may attract more attentions and purchases, but I don't want to do what I don't like. I want to follow with my heart and belief to do my best for sustainable living. I will really appreciate it if you reuse my packaging. - DD015