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New Event Announcement: Fall Festival 2022 (Oct. 1)
New Event Announcement: Fall Festival 2022 (Oct. 1)

La Catrina Fine Hand-Painted Glass Ornament by CasaQ

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5.5" La Catrina fine hand-painted glass ornament comes in a luxury gift box with a legend card that shares the history or symbolism behind the design. La Catrina legend cards reads: "La Calavera de la Catrina" is a 1913 etching by José Posada. Catrina is the feminine form of the word catrin, which means "dandy". The image is often incorporated into Dia de Los Muertos or Day of the Dead altars. Posada's calaveras were satirized images of contemporary figures depicted as skeletons.

La Catrina depicts a wealthy socialite with a flamboyant hat and dress. She communicates the concept that death is the great equalizer of all, and that despite the riches you obtain in this life, nobody can't take them after death.