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Upcoming Event: SJMADE Holiday Fair 2022 (Nov. 25-26)
Upcoming Event: SJMADE Holiday Fair 2022 (Nov. 25-26)

Red Ironbark Eucalyptus six stems with seed pods. Great for floral arrangements, rustic decor, housewarming gift. Not for planting. Available fresh or dried.


DRIED: Interesting dried eucalyptus seed pods - perfect for multiple uses! Use these adorable stems for dried flower arrangements, home decor, place settings, adornments for gifts, and more! Pods do NOT contain viable seed, as Eucalyptus is a listed noxious weed in many states, and a severe fire hazard in the West. I sell many other dried and fresh Eucalyptus products as well as handmade potpourri!

FRESH: Six branches of fresh seed pods and leaves from Ironbark Eucalyptus. These bundles make great accents for floral arrangements, place settings, or rustic home decor. Long lasting, and they smell amazing! The seed pods range from green to red to brown in color.

Order takes 3 days to fulfill.

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