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View our upcoming event: Reclamation (6/24-6/25)

20 FRESH California bay laurel leaves - cooking spice, natural sinus remedy


20 Fresh (NOT dried) leaves of California bay laurel. I hand select each leaf for perfection and health. This is not the Greek bay leaf (Laurus nobilis) commonly sold at the stores, but the harder to find California bay laurel (Umbellularia californica). If you have not cooked with this plant before, use about half as much as you do of storebought bay leaves in your recipe.

In addition to its use as a cooking spice, the Karok, Mendocino, Pomo, and other Indigenous tribes use the leaves for various medicinal functions. Toss a few into a fire to fill the house with a cleansing scent, or crumple one in a hot shower to produce a healing steam if you have a cold. The fresh smell and insect repelling qualities of California bay laurel leaves make them excellent for use in sachets. 

Order takes 3 days to fulfill.

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