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Upcoming Event: SJMADE Holiday Fair 2022 (Nov. 25-26)
Upcoming Event: SJMADE Holiday Fair 2022 (Nov. 25-26)

10 stems of silver gum eucalyptus (Eucalyptus crenulata) with seed pods - spectacular home decor and one of the purest eucalyptus scents out of all the different species! Available fresh or dried.


DRIED: Long lasting and handsome dried silver eucalyptus stems make an incredible home accent! This product includes a minimum of five single stems, if it’s possible to keep them on the larger branches and ship I will do so. No viable seed in this product. Truly stunning for a floral arrangement!

FRESH: This is a thick leaved, well traveling, durable foliage that looks super cool and smells absolutely amazing. Price includes five stems, some single and some may be double, which makes a big bundle. Take a deep breath of nature's healing scent. Truly remarkable to have in your home! The bundle is wrapped in satin ribbon, but I also offer a bouquet styling upgrade, which selects the stems to form together and wraps the base so that it holds when picked up, underneath the ribbon. This works nicely for a gift-right-out-of-the-box. The silver Eucalyptus is a robust species that provides long-lasting enjoyment. Upon arrival, strip the lower inch or two of leaves and pods (you can use them to create your own potpourri or sachets). Cut the stems a bit so you have a fresh cut, and then add a bit of water to a vase to place your foliage in. Change out the water regularly. When your Eucalyptus starts to droop or the lower leaves turn yellow, take it out, put a rubber band around the base, and hang it on the wall. It will smell AMAZING and dry slowly. You can then re-position it as dried foliage in arrangements.

Order takes 5 days to fulfill.

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