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Our first big event of 2021: We Go As Far As We Grow - An Art, Craft & Care Market
Our first big event of 2021: We Go As Far As We Grow - An Art, Craft & Care Market

Dried silver dollar eucalyptus stems - best selling item for home decor, simple and elegant!


Naturally air dried without preservatives, these silver dollar eucalyptus stems are a gorgeous accent for any home, and very useful for craft projects as well as wedding accents! The pale green round leaves and natural maroon stems make a stark contrast and are very beautiful. There are about five stems in this order, of various sizes. I ship them in a 16 inch box, so some of the stems are about that long, however, no two orders are the same!

Dried Eucalyptus leaves make excellent biodegradable confetti and crinkle delightfully in your hands because no preservatives were used. *These are not preserved* which means they will continue to dry out, which may change the shape, and will eventually lose their color and scent. I dab Eucalyptus essential oil on the leaves before shipping so that they have the wonderful order of fresh Eucalyptus. If you are sensitive to scents and prefer without, just let me know!

The round "silver dollar" Eucalyptus that are so elegant and popular are the young re-sprouts of Eucalyptus polyanthemos. More mature stems will have more oval leaves. In addition to varying in shape, there is a wide natural variety in leaf size.

Please note that these are extremely fragile. All care is used in packing and shipping, however, I am not responsible for damage (Including loss or late delivery by USPS) that occurs after it leaves my house. Having said that, if you are dissatisfied with any of my products at any time, please let me know, so I can work with you to make it right. Happy customers are very important to me!

I offer a wide variety of fresh and dried Eucalyptus products, to add a beautiful accent and a fresh scent to any home, office, or gathering. Please have a look, at:

All of my bundles come tied with a satin bow, wrapped in tissue paper, and accompanied by an informative handout. However, if you order more than one bundle, I do have to ship them dis-assembled, so they fit in the box. I am happy to send you the ribbon, so that you can re-assemble at home - just let me know! Bundle includes about five stems of various lengths.

Thank you for your business! - I005