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Dried Eucalyptus seed pods - 5 stems - accents for dried floral arrangement, home decor, or other crafts! (No viable seed)


Interesting dried eucalyptus seed pods - perfect for multiple uses!

Use these adorable stems for dried flower arrangements, home decor, place settings, adornments for gifts, and more!

Please mention if you have a preference for with leaves vs. without. I normally add Eucalyptus oil to dried Eucalyptus products to refresh the scent before sending. Please let me know your preference around this, as well.

Note that I also sell these stems freshly collected, and that’s a larger order with a wider variety of color and texture.

Pods do NOT contain viable seed, as Eucalyptus is a listed noxious weed in many states, and a severe fire hazard in the West.

I sell many other dried and fresh Eucalyptus products as well as handmade potpourri!

If you're interested in purchasing any Eucalyptus product in bulk, please message me! - I024