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Upcoming Event: SJMADE Holiday Fair 2022 (Nov. 25-26)
Upcoming Event: SJMADE Holiday Fair 2022 (Nov. 25-26)

Christmas Calaveras Day of the Dead Skull Fine Hand-Painted Glass Ornament by CasaQ

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4" Christmas Calavera (Sugar Skull) fine hand-painted glass ornament comes in a luxury gift box with a legend card that share the history or symbolism behind the design

Christmas Calavera legend card reads.... Each year, open-air markets throughout Mexico feature sugar skulls in preparation for Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), an ancient celebration which is still practiced today in Mexico, Latin America and some parts of the United States. On this holiday families make and decorate altars or ofrendas with the favorite foods, drink and memorabilia of loved ones to honor those who have passed on. The calavera de azucar (sugar skull) is colorfully decorated with icing, pieces of bright foil, colored sugars and usually inscribed with the name of the deceased loved one on its forehead, then placed on the altar for decoration.