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Next Events: Friday Street Shops debut this Friday (9/29) and Sunday Sidewalk Shops return this Sunday (10/1)
Next Events: Friday Street Shops debut this Friday (9/29) and Sunday Sidewalk Shops return this Sunday (10/1)

Apply to the 2022 SJMADE Program for Small Businesses


About the SJMADE Program 2022


Designed to help creative small businesses surmount the uncertainty of 2022 to see a sustained growth in sales & visibility even without having to do in-person events.


In order to deal with the multitude of things potentially impacting this year’s events and pop-ups landscape: We are happy to announce that the SJMADE Program (shortened from SJMADE Small Business Success Program) will be extended through December 2022. All current and new sign-ups will be eligible for the Program’s services through the end of December 2022.

Already since launching in November 2020, the SJMADE Program has driven nearly $150K in sales to its participating creative small businesses through its online shop and its physical storefront located in downtown San José at SJMADE’s MOMENT micro-retail storefront.

From now through December 31, 2022, San José Made will be doing the following for the small businesses participating in its Program:

  • ONLINE SALES. Selling their products and handling fulfillment of pick-up and shipping orders through the SJMADE Online Shop at
  • IN-PERSON SALES. Selling their products in-person through the SJMADE Store located at the MOMENT storefronts in downtown San José (60 N. San Pedro Street, CA 95113) and/or potential future SJMADE Stores and SJMADE Pop-Up Shops in 2022.
  • EVENT DISCOUNTS. Additionally, members of the SJMADE Program will receive Program exclusive event discounts (for most but not all events) from when they sign up through Dec. 31, 2022. 
  • MORE. While 2022 is facing a lot of uncertainty and challenges, we believe unique and interesting opportunities (not covered by the above items) may emerge, enabling San José Made to add to its Program’s services and create an even more versatile and flexible way for small businesses to grow without relying on traditional large-scale events.

Beyond all this, we believe by handling some or most of your Bay Area based online sales fulfillment, you’ll have more free time to do what you want to do, be it focusing on creating new products, vending at events (where available), working on your social media or even just spending time to take care of yourself and your liked & loved ones. Any questions or comments, email us at

How to Sign-Up & Pricing


There is no deadline to apply to the SJMADE Program in 2022. While we jury every application, this process is first-come, first-served.

To begin, very much like applying to vend at an event, you must fill out an application here to be a part of the 2022 SJMADE Program. Part of the application involves paying an upfront fee and agreeing to a revenue share on any sales made through the SJMADE Online Shop and the SJMADE Store (i.e. only sales administered by SJMADE’s staff; any sales made through your own channels are of course 100% yours to keep).


$200 + 20% of sales made on the SJMADE Shop and SJMADE Store (after a $1,000 breakpoint). The breakpoint means that ONLY after your sales surpass $1,000 will you have to begin sharing with SJMADE. An example of how this breaks down:

  • We sell over $20,000 worth of your products in November and December.
  • You have surpassed the breakpoint by $19,000 meaning $19,000 of these sales are subject to the 20% sharing of sales.
  • 20% of the $19,000 goes to San José Made. This equals $3,800. The remaining $15,200 goes to you.
  • We modeled this pricing structure as a hybrid of standard consignment arrangements (typically stores will take 50% of all sales) mixed with event booth fees (our large events see $350 to $450 for full booth fees).


How will the online fulfillment service work?

Through our SJMADE Store, our new office location in San José (where your products will be stored) and our Food Truck Pop-Up Locations throughout the Bay Area, we will be able to facilitate pick-ups for online orders at least five days per week (maybe even more).

Will you offer customers a regular shipping option?

Yes! As of September 2021, we began offering shipping options to customers of We will handle any shipping orders made on except in cases where the items are made-to-order items by the SJMADE Program participant.

Will I be able to add new products or restock existing products?

Absolutely. Once your online store on the SJMADE Online Shop is set up, we will share a Google Sheet with you that tracks your current inventory.

How will I get paid?

We will email monthly sales reports at the end of each month. At the same time, we will be sending out checks for sales made through our Online Shop and Store.

I sell perishable goods. Am I eligible to be part of the Program?

It depends. If you sell prepared hot food, this Program is likely not for you. If you sell packaged food products (e.g. beef jerky), low-risk food products (e.g. cupcakes) or goods that require low maintenance (e.g. plants), you are definitely eligible to be a part of the Program. However, please specify this in the notes section of your application. We will likely need to speak to you on the phone to discuss the best ways to proceed in storing your products or coordinate the pick-up of any Online Shop orders of your products.

What is your refund policy on the Program fees?

If your application is not accepted, you will receive a full refund on your $200 fee. If you need to withdraw your participation from the Small Business Success Program within five business days of your application being accepted, you will be eligible for a full refund. If you need to withdraw your participation from the Small Business Success Program within ten business days of your application being accepted, you will be eligible for a 50% refund. If you need to withdraw your participation anytime after the first ten business days from when your application is accepted, you will not be eligible for any refund.

If you have any questions that were not answered here, let us know at Happy to talk you through the process prior to you bringing your store to the SJMADE Online Shop!