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Vendor applications are now open for our big event in May: SJMADE Fest!
Vendor applications are now open for our big event in May: SJMADE Fest!

Happy home, health, and wellness herbal sachet

This sachet brings a treasure trove of benefits and uses for your home and/or personal health. It's a well stuffed 5X4 inches, bringing you that much more herbal goodness! Made with some of nature's organic powerhouses, it includes:

Bay laurel
Citronella geranium
Lemon balm
Lemon verbena
Rose geranium

* You can use a pinch along with your favorite bath salts as "tub tea". 
* Boil a small amount, strain out, place a clean washcloth in the water, wring it out, and place upon your face to clean your pores and relieve your stress. This method could also be used for aches, pains, or old wounds; the combination of the warm moisture and the healing herbs should be beneficial.
* The powerful aroma of lemon, spice, mint, and other fragrances make this an excellent choice to freshen any small space. Stash it in a drawer or keep it on your car dashboard. Hang in a closet, or purchase several to leave in a storage area. You can freshen any room of the house with the smell of nature's garden!
* Steep in hot water and add vinegar, use as a floor wash. Or skip the vinegar, add a pinch of baking soda, and put in a spray bottle for a natural organic air freshener, or to freshen face masks before wearing.
Because this has so many different herbs in it, I do not suggest taking it internally, nor applying to inflamed or wounded skin, unless you've used all of the listed herbs previously to good results. If you are looking to learn more about the medicinal qualities of any given herb, WebMD will generally list the studies that have been conducted, and what conclusions may have been reached: Some of the herbs in this sachet are indigenous to California, and their uses by Native American tribes may be found here: However, please know that traditional knowledge, including when to take it and how to prepare it, is integral to the success and safety of any natural medicine.