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View our upcoming event: Reclamation (6/24-6/25)
View our upcoming event: Reclamation (6/24-6/25)

Friend Fest 2022


On March 12-13, 2022, San José Made will be bringing back a bigger and better version of its popular Friend Fest event to The Plex in San José.

Featuring over 100 amazing artists and makers (scroll down for the lineup), Y2K Mall Glam Portraits by Mobile Memories, Astrology Capability Readings for Friends by Raeon Collective, Tarot Card Readings by Raeon Collective, Friendship Bracelet Making by Petty Party, cocktails, beer & wine, food (dinner on Saturday / brunch on Sunday) and most importantly, lots & lots of good friendship vibes. 

What is Friend Fest? Friend Fest is an art, craft and maker driven celebration of best friends, new friends, old friends, we're just friends, wanna be more than friends, good friends and whatever! 


Event Details

This event is free admission to attend. Free on-site parking. This venue is indoors. 

Event Dates & Times

  • Saturday, Mar. 12, 2022: 5 pm to 10 pm
  • Sunday, Mar. 13, 2022: 11 am to 4 pm


About the Venue: The Plex

The Plex is your premier destination for family fun, event planning, sports, dining, parties, and more. Offering 240,000 square feet of entertainment space under one roof, you'll find everything you need for fun, fitness, family activities, parties, and social events.

Open 7-days a week, our facility offers an arcade of games, bocce ball, bouncy houses, wall climbing, cornhole, darts, pizza, sushi, tapas, a vast beer wall and so much more.

Our expansive, state-of-the-art, and modern event spaces feature open and flexible floor plans, soaring ceilings, natural light, vibrant décor, and an expansive recreational space, creating the ideal location for your next special event.

More info:

COVID Policy

UPDATE (3/4/22): Due to changes to Santa Clara County's COVID-19 policy for large gatherings and events, we are no longer requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination verifiable proof of a negative COVID-19 test (within 72 hours of the event start date) for all attendees, staff and vendors.

  • All attendees, staff and vendors must wear face masks (properly) at all times during the event except when eating and drinking. There is also ample outdoor space designated for eating and drinking. Refusal to do so will result in the offending party being removed from the venue.

Pet Policy

  • Per the venue's rules, only service animals are allowed inside the venue. Anyone who brings a non-service-animal animal into the venue will be removed from the venue.

There is no ATM on-site. 

Vendor Applications are closed for this event. To be put on the last-minute waitlist, email us at with your business name, name, email, website, Instagram handle, phone and any other requests.  


Door Giveaway: Raffle Entry to Potentially Win a SJMADE Friend Fest Prize Bag

The first 250 attendees* on Saturday, March 12, 2022 will each receive one (1) raffle ticket that enters them into a random drawing where one (1) lucky winner will receive the following SJMADE Friend Fest Prize Bag: 

  • One (1) SJMADE Canvas Tote Bag (view)
  • One (1) Lucky Sticker Pack by Panty Cat. Includes five assorted vinyl stickers. (view)
  • One (1) Large Reusable PNF Snacks Tote by Parasol Paper Co (view)
  • One (1) Thicc Bitch Juice Strawberry Air Freshener by Hella Kinketsu (view)
  • One (1) Flower Pin by Art by Robin Klinger (view)
  • One (1) Into The Woods Artisan Soap Bar by All The Way Handmade (view)
  • One (1) Pair of Marshmallow Earrings by Chilla Art Design (view)
  • One (1) Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream Pin by On Point Pins (view)
  • One (1) Alocasia (Elephant Ear) Watercolor Art Print by Paulina Hoong (view)

The first 250 attendees* on Sunday, March 13, 2022 will each receive one (1) raffle ticket that enters them into a random drawing where one (1) lucky winner will receive the following SJMADE Friend Fest Prize Bag: 

  • One (1) SJMADE Canvas Tote Bag (view)
  • One (1) Japanese Yuzu Hand Cream by Yuzu Soap (view)
  • One (1) Rose Gold Bling for Your Crocs by Crocsessories (view)
  • One (1) Sleepy Flower Shiba Inu Enamel Pin by Candy Paint Cafe (view)
  • One (1) Sticker Pack by Sherry Lou Studio. Includes four stickers: California (view), Painted Ladies (view), Bookshop (view) and Cactus
  • One (1) Dumb Bitch Juice Vanilla Air Freshener by Hella Kinketsu (view)
  • One (1) Darunmaneki Enamel Pin by Momo Cha Creative (view)
  • One (1) Fruit Friends Ceramic Ornament by Sakai Harts & Crafts (view)
  • One (1) The Abyss Massage Oil by Purple Serpent Apothecary (view)


  • *Raffle tickets will be distributed at the SJMADE Info Booth near the front entrance of The Plex venue. This means it's the first 250 people who obtain tickets from the SJMADE Info Booth at the start of each event day; not necessarily the first 250 people inside the venue. 
  • Raffle tickets for Sunday's drawing will begin to be distributed at exactly 5 PM on Saturday, March 12. A line will be formed in front of the SJMADE Info Booth. The winner will be announced over the venue's PA system at 6:30 PM on Saturday, March 12 at the venue. The winner must show their winning ticket to the SJMADE Staff at the Info Booth to collect their prize. If the winner is not present, we will proceed to draw another raffle ticket until the prize is finally claimed. 
  • Raffle tickets for Sunday's drawing will begin to be distributed at exactly 11 AM on Sunday, March 13. A line will be formed in front of the SJMADE Info Booth. The winner will be announced over the venue's PA system at 12:30 PM on Sunday, March 13 at the venue. The winner must show their winning ticket to the SJMADE Staff at the Info Booth to collect their prize. If the winner is not present, we will proceed to draw another raffle ticket until the prize is finally claimed. 
  • Staff and Vendors at the event will NOT be eligible to enter the raffle on either day.


Parking, Biking & Walking

There is free on-site parking spaces available at The Plex. Additionally, the Coyote Creek Trail runs right behind The Plex, making it really convenient for people to walk to or bicycle to.  


On-Site Food & Drink

Whether you're attending on Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon, you'll find plenty of on-site food and drink concessions offered by The Plex and its food partners including:


Friendship Bracelet Making Workshop

Find them in Section C (scroll down for the vendor map)

Create your own braided friendship bracelet with a fun industrial twist using brass hex nuts and satin cord at the Friendship Bracelet Making Workshop by Petty Party. We will have 8 different color options to choose from. Includes written instructions to take home with you! 

$10 per person. Includes all materials.

View a demo of the friendship bracelet making process here: 


Friends & Lovers Compatibility Astrology Readings & Tarot Card Readings by Raeon Collective

Find them in Section C (scroll down for the vendor map)

Astrology Compatibility Readings

Ever wanted to know why you and your bestie or partner always get along ? Want to find out ways to make your relationship work? An Astrology Compatibility reading will take you and another person's birth chart and compare them to see how compatible you are and ways to improve your current relationship. Information needed for the birth chart reading is birth time, birth location and birth date. For two full birth chart readings is $77 (individual is $55).

Tarot Card Reading

Want to get a tarot card reading with your best friend or partner? This is the perfect option for you! Each person gets four cards each and you can ask any questions about the relationship. For two full tarot readings is $44 (individual is $33).


Y2K Mall Glam Portrait Sessions

Find them in Section C (scroll down for the vendor map)

All sessions slots have been filled. Walk-ups may be available but there are no guarantees.

Relive the days of heading to the mall for Glamour Shots with your besties and trading wallets with your crush. Don't forget to write a love note on the back <3

What's Included?

A 15-minute session for you and your besties (6 people max). We promise that this is more than enough time to get some amazing images!

You will receive 3 edited digital photo files through email within 3 days of your session and 5 wallet sized prints of each photo selected (15 total) on the spot. See below for add-ons. 

Each session includes one backdrop option. An additional session must be booked to use our second backdrop option.

There are only 26 slots available for this event, book your appointment before we sell out! (Very limited walk-ins may be taken after sold out)

Book Your Appointment:

Cost: $45


  • 2.5 x 3.5 Wallet Prints (sheet of 5) - $5 each
  • 4 x 6 Prints - $5 each



T-Shirt Screenprinting Station with Alicia Cardell

Find them in Section D (scroll down for the vendor map)

At this year's Friend Fest, Alicia Cardell will be screenprinting your shirts on-site featuring some of their all-time amazing designs like their Butthurt design (view designs here)!

Bring your own shirt, select a design and watch it get screenprinted onto your shirt! $15 to $25 per shirt depending on the fabric of the shirt you bring.

Alicia Cardell is a Queer Taiwanese-American owned small business empowering Mindfulness & Healing with Handcrafted Illustrated Goods.


Vendor Lineup & Map

Scroll down for the list of vendors and the sections you can find them in. Click the map below to enlarge or view a hi-res pdf version here.

View Vendor Lineup - Alphabetical Order

(the) Lisa Inez - Section G

A Miyako M - Section D

Acardellart - Section D

All The Way Handmade - Section D

Art by Robin Klinger - Section B

Ashley Michelle Home - Section C 

bao by andrea - Section D

BeadsNShine - Section D (replacing PMIllustrations)

Bean Horse Car Designs - Section A

Bernie Made That - Section B

Candy Paint Cafe - Section A

CC Snacks - Section F

Chanamon - Section B

ChibiJay Designs - Section G

Chilla Art Design - Section D

Christine's Cookies - Section C 

Chula Y Punto - Section B

Coley Made - Section D


Cositas Contreras - Section E 

Crocessories - Section E

Cyndercake - Section D

DAVENLY - Section A

DazedAndPlantfused - Section G

Derptiles - Section F

Designs by Masako - Section E

Draw Jess Draw - Section D

Dreamcreamco - Section D

Earthside Candle Co - Section G

eckoeckos - Section D

Eminence Candle - Section E

Fluffed Animals - Section F

Fractal Flora - Section A

Franci Cakes - Section E

Girthybobastraw - Section G 

goyangii - Section D

Hachi Bit - Section A

Hearten Co. - Section G 

Hella Kinketsu - Section A 

Jale - Section A

Jaliren - Section E

Jodi408 - Section G

KADDU.CO LLC - Section F

Kawaii Glass Co - Section F

Kaykos Dog Shades - Section A

KRAFTTEE - Section A

La Luna Designs - Section C

Lipton Cunningham - Section E 

M.A.S. Macrame - Section A

Macrame Kreations - Section G

Made By Cas5 - Section D

Magical Girl Bella - Section D 

Magnote - Section F

Malisa Suchanya Illustration - Section F

McKinnon Collective - Section A

MiGi Cera Candles - Section A

Miss Maegan's Bowtique - Section G

Mobile Memories - Section C

Momo Cha Creative - Section F

Moon Sun and Love - Section A

Morninglam - Section A

mtp_arts - Section E

Naturals by Nisha - Section G

Neko-oi - Section A

On Points Pins - Section A

Panty Cat - Section G

Paper Picture Mama - Section G

Parasol Paper Co - Section D

Paulina Hoong Art - Section D

Peaceful Clay - Section E

Petty Party Co. - Section C

pokopipo - Section D

Purple Serpent Apothecary - Section A

Queer Buddha - Section B

Raeon Collective - Section C 

RainandJas - Section E

Seto Arts - Section G

Sherry Lou Studio - Section G

Slumptown Supply Co - Section D

Teappo - Section F

Terra & Self - Section B 

The Brown Sugar Shoppe - Section E

the lilypad project - Section D

Thousand Skies - Section D

Traveling Calligrapher - Section B

TSEAT Jewelry - Section A

Turq and Terra Designs - Section G

Underground Chu2 - Section F

W House SF - Section G

Yours Truly, Mary Anne - Section A

Yuzu Soap - Section C


View Vendor Lineup - By Section

Section A

Candy Paint Cafe
McKinnon Collective
Yours Truly, Mary Anne
MiGi Cera Candles
Hachi Bit
Hella Kinketsu
Kaykos Dog Shades
Moon Sun and Love
Fractal Flora
On Points Pins
Bean Horse Car Designs
TSEAT Jewelry
M.A.S. Macrame
Purple Serpent Apothecary

Section B

Terra & Self
Chula Y Punto
Bernie Made That
Traveling Calligrapher
Art by Robin Klinger
Sakai Harts & Crafts
Queer Buddha

Section C

Spencer Bonez Design & Illustration
La Luna Designs
Christine's Cookies
Yuzu Soap
Ashley Michelle Home

Section D

bao by andrea
Draw Jess Draw
Parasol Paper Co
Cloudwalker's Creations
Slumptown Supply Co
BeadsNShine (replacing PMIllustrations)
A Miyako M
Thousand Skies
Coley Made
Magical Girl Bella
All The Way Handmade
Chilla Art Design
Made By Cas5
the lilypad project
Pauling Hoong Art

Section E

Lipton Cunningham
The Brown Sugar Shoppe
Designs by Masako
Eminence Candle
Sarumathy Sankarapandian Shunmuganathan
Franci Cakes
Cositas Contreras
Peaceful Clay

Section F

Kawaii Glass Co
Momo Cha Creative
Fluffed Animals
CC Snacks
Underground Chu2
Malisa Suchanya Illustration

Section G

Miss Maegan's Bowtique
(the) Lisa Inez
Naturals by Nisha
Sherry Lou Studio
Paper Picture Mama
Panty Cat
Macrame Kreations
W House SF
Hearten Co.
ChibiJay Designs
Seto Arts
Love Through Letterpress
Turq and Terra Designs
Earthside Candle Co