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View Event Info for the San José Craft Holiday Fair on Nov. 26-28, 2021
View Event Info for the San José Craft Holiday Fair on Nov. 26-28, 2021

Bulk olive foliage - 40 stems for 60 dollars - FREE SHIPPING


If you need olive foliage for a wedding or other event, but prefer untrimmed stems that you can use in various ways, this is for you! It’s basically a big bunch of foliage which you could use for bouquets, place settings, garlands, and more! Branches come in various lengths, from about 8 inches to about 18. If you would like something specific, for example, as many branches as possible either WITH or WITHOUT olives, a specific length, etc., just let me know! There are TWO SIZES, please make sure you are ordering the one that meets your needs!

*this listing* 40 stems for 60 dollars or

60 stems for 90 dollars:

If you prefer foliage that is already trimmed and selected for uniformity and beauty, I offer the following products:
60 count 5-inch stems:
10 count 5-inch stems:
Small bundle:
Medium bundle:
Peace offering, for those times when you are ready to "extend the olive branch" to someone:

All of my olive foliage is sustainably harvested wild olive, Olea oleaster. At different times of year, it may either have flowers, green olives, or black olives on the stems. If you would either prefer for me to include, or to exclude these, just let me know!

All olive products come with an informative handout, and the bundles are beautifully wrapped with wire and a satin ribbon. If you are purchasing a bundle for a specific use (i.e. for cake decoration), I am happy to send you loose stems instead, just let me know.

I am happy to create listings to your specifications, so if you are looking for olive or any other product in a size or quantity I don't yet offer, just let me know!

Thanks for stopping by. Olive you! - I033