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Apply to Vend: San José Craft Holiday Fair on Nov. 26-28
Apply to Vend: San José Craft Holiday Fair on Nov. 26-28

California High Desert Piñon Body & Hand Cream ( Piñon Hydrosol, Organic Oils, Botanicals, Zero Waste, Outdoor Lovers )


The listing is for one single glass jar of body and hand cream.

A scent, from 7000+ feet high desert!

I was totally blown away by the California high desert flora when we were camping there. I love it there so much, my eyes were busy all the time. We camped in several national forests surrounded by eye-catching trees, shrubs, rocks etc. I smelled them, touched them, appreciated them closely. I could see them when I just opened my eyes in the morning. The sounds, the colors, the smells are all so peaceful.

We camped at a primitive site with no water and outhouse but piñon trees, big sagebrush surrounding...I was wandering around in the dry land forest for hours being fulfilled and cheered. I came back to our camp with a small bag of piñon resin, needles and twigs that I harvested sustainably. After this wonderful trip, I soaked the piñon needles and twigs in distilled water for distilling processes; infused the needles in organic jojoba oil; tinctured the resin for botanical perfume...

This cream made with some special botanical essences that I listed above and extracts: high desert piñon pine needle hydrosol, Pinon pine infused in organic jojoba oil ( in the last photo), and a careful blended botanical extracts. The piñon hydrosol is distilled from sustainable wild harvested piñon pine needles of the California high desert. High linoleum acid contend of cold pressed organic evening primrose oil can help to improve the foundation and barrier of the skin and reduce the appearance of scars, and calm inflammation. There are more cold pressed organic oils in the hand cream high in oleic acid, vitamin E, carotene, and proteins to provide the moisturizing base to help the skin resist the dry whether conditions. Essential oils and botanical extracts enhance the beauty of your skin with natural scents. Rose wax brings the whole scent to another level. The cream is especially good for people who love outdoors and gardening.

Non-greasy and moisturizing! This is not like those easily made with beeswax or are none-water content body and hand creams.

Pinon Hydrosol**, Big Sagebrush Hydrosol**, Aloe Vera Gel*, Pinon Needle Infusion in Jojoba Oil*, Tamanu Oil*, Avocado Oil*, Grapeseed Oil*, Evening Primrose Oil*, Shea Butter*, Rose Wax, Glycerin, Lotionpro 165, Ceteryl Alcohol, Germall Plus, Vitamin E, Chamomile Extract, Helichrysum Extract. Essential Oils of Black Spruce*, Hinoki, White Sage.

*Certified Organic Ingredient
**Sustainably wild harvested

Net Wt. 60g

Shelf Life: Use it within 6 months after purchase.

The label paper I use is 30% recycled. The copy paper I may use for your order is 95% made from sugarcane. The tissue paper I use is recyclable. I will do simple but sturdy packaging for your order, because I like to put almost all money on my products, not just packaging. I am so tired of over packing, styrofoam, and plastic garbage! I know beautiful and fancy packaging may attract more attentions and purchases, but I don't want to do what I don't like. I want to follow with my heart and belief to do my best for sustainable living. I will really appreciate it if you reuse my packaging.

As a handmade skin care products maker, I know when I am making products keeping everything as clean as possible is very important. I am working on cleaning and disinfecting containers for my new products. I wash them first, then soak them in 75% alcohol for 3 to 8 hours. Then I place all containers on the cleaned baking tray and set it in my oven with turning on a low heat for a couple of minutes for the drying process. I flush my toilet with used water, filter used alcohol for house cleaning. Nothing goes waste. I have to admit it's lots of work, some times it drives me crazy. Clean all any size of containers one by one all by my hands whatever how small they are. I can't stand uncleaned container to be used for my customers.

I would like to have you enjoy my products instead of having allergies to it. Please read below before purchase.

External use only. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have any health concerns, you should consult your doctor before using products containing essential oils.

Check the ingredients before use for anything you may be sensitive or allergic. Discontinue use if irritation occurs and avoid contact with eyes.

Keep out of direct sunlight and high temperatures. - DD017